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Below is an index to checklists of postal items in metric and related-standards categories. Each page features postal items such as stamps, souvenir sheets, postal stationery, postmarks, cancels, meters, and also cinderellas and cachets from covers when appropriate, as well as numismatic items (banknotes and coins). The goal is to build an online catalog for Metric and Related-Standards Philately, available to and shared with anyone who is interested. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

Metric and related-standards categories
New SI BIPM logoMetric system
(The International System of Units (SI))
WSDWorld Standards Day
(annually: 14 October)
(and related-standards)
metric namesSI (metric system) system unit names
(the scientists behind the named metric units)
metric signmetric signMetric measurements
(as seen on postal items)
postcodePostcodes of the world
(Zip Code in the USA)
decimal conversionDecimal money conversion
(from non-decimal currency systems)
driving customsRight-hand/left-hand driving customs
(mostly the change from Left to Right)
standard time time zonesStandard time and time zones
(and Gregorian Calendar)
metric speed-limit signtraffic lightTraffic signs
(and traffic lights)
Total: 10 major divisions

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