driving customs

Driving Customs
(mostly the change from Left to Right)

Below is a checklist of Right-hand/left-hand driving customs postal items (stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.). Catalog numbers, years of issue, and notes on the items featured are given when available. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the author using the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

Additional traffic signs not related to driving customs can be found on the Traffic Signs page.

CountryCatalog NumberType of ItemYear of IssueNotes on Content
Right-hand/Left-hand driving customs
Czechoslovakia2166 fdc (Mi2432 fdc)(Pictorial) cancel on FDC1978drive on right1
Germany (West)1061 (Mi666)1971drive on right1
Ghana530 (Mi572)1974change to right-hand driving, 1974-08-04: traffic circle (for right-hand driving)
Ghana531 (Mi573)change to right-hand driving, 1974-08-04: traffic sign, two-way traffic
Ghana532 (Mi574)change to right-hand driving, 1974-08-04: change to right-hand drive
Ghana533 (Mi575)change to right-hand driving, 1974-08-04: warning hands sign
Ghana534 (Mi576)change to right-hand driving, 1974-08-04: hands and car symbolic change
Iceland397 (Mi419)1968introduction of right-hand driving, 1968-05-26
Iceland398 (Mi420)
Jordan1002 (Mi1070)1977traffic circle (for right-hand driving)1
Nigeria280 (Mi262)1972introduction of right-hand driving, 1972-04-02: arrows, traffic
Nigeria281 (Mi263)introduction of right-hand driving, 1972-04-02: arrows, traffic circle (for right-hand driving)
Nigeria282 (Mi264)introduction of right-hand driving, 1972-04-02: arrows, car, truck, road
Nigeria283 (Mi265)introduction of right-hand driving, 1972-04-02: arrows, intersection, lights
Sierra Leone415 (Mi527)1971right-hand traffic changeover, 1971-03-01: traffic pattern
Sierra LeoneC131 (Mi528)
Surinam1213 (Mi1749)2000traffic circle sign (for right-hand driving)1
Sweden733 (Mi588)1967introduction of right-hand driving, 1967-09-03: as seen through windshield
Sweden734 (Mi589)
Sweden735 (Mi588C)
Sweden736 (Mi589C)
Sweden733-736 fdcFour stamps and (pictorial) cancel on FDC (blank/no cachet)
Yemen (People's Democratic Republic)174 (Mi192)1977traffic change to right side of road, 1977-01-01: traffic policemen
Yemen (People's Democratic Republic)175 (Mi193)
Yemen (People's Democratic Republic)176 (Mi194)
Yemen (People's Democratic Republic)177 (Mi195)

1These items are only indirectly about the custom of right-hand-driving. Rather, they show traffic keeping to the right or traffic patterns associated with right-hand driving.

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