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Below is a checklist of Duststorms and sandstorms on postal items (stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.). Catalog numbers, years of issue, and notes on the items featured are given when available. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

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Duststorms and sandstorms Duststorms and sandstorms

Below is a list of Duststorms and sandstorms on postal items (stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.).

CountryCatalog NumberType of ItemYear of IssueNotes on Content
Duststorms and sandstorms
AustraliaNonePostcard back1906"Dust storm"
Poland3892a (Mi?)One of strip of 4 (3292 (a-d)), or three of MS12 (3892e (3x (3892 (a-d)))2008"Sandstorm" (in Polish text)
Poland3892a-d fdcOne of four stamps on FDC
RomaniaNonePostal card2011"Sandstorm"
St. Thomas and Prince Islands2145 (Mi4160-4163)In (upper-right) margin of MS4 (a-d)2009haboob1
South AfricaNone(Purple rubber-stamp) cachet on cover196?Hydrogen balloon inflation "interrupted by sand storm"
SudanNonePostcard back1906"Sandstorm (huboub1)"
United States1915 sc (Mi1484 sc)(Reader's Digest) souvenir card back, also front (with 1915 fdc)1981"In Arizona a highway dust storm warning sign is lighted by electricity produced by photovoltaic cells"
United States2074 sc/fdc (Mi? sc/fdc)(Reader's Digest/PCA) cachet on 2074 FDC on souvenir card, also back1984"To end dust storms"
United States3185 (BL45, Mi3027-3041)In (lower-right) margin of pane of 15 (3185 (a-o)), also back1998"Dust Bowl" and "dust storms"; also a photo of a farmer and his two sons seeking shelter from a dust storm in Cimarron County OK (reproduction in the lower part of the pane and the souvenir page)
United StatesSP1259D(USPS) souvenir page (3185), also back
United StatesCP537D page1(USPS no.551A) commemorative panel (3185), also page2
United States3185m fdc1(Pugh Cachets) cachet on FDC, also insertIn "dust-bowl" circumstances, "a mother and her teenage son are attempting to escape the ravages of a dust storm" (in insert text and depicted in the cachet)
United States3185m fdc2(Collins) cachet on FDC"Hard times in the Dust Bowl" with an approaching dust storm
United States3185m fdc3(PCS) insert from FDC, also frontDuring the Great Depression, "families were wiped out by severe droughts and dust storms"
United States3185m fdc4(Colorano silk) insert from FDC, also front"drought and dust storms plagued the Great Plains in the early 30s"
United States3185m fdc5(S&T) cachet on FDC
United States3185m fdc6(Wild Horse hand-painted) cachet on FDCSteinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath takes place against the backdrop of the 1930s Great Depression, drought and Dust Bowl in the western American plains
United States3185 fdcSheet of 15 on FDC (Cachet Craft Cachets cachet)
United States3878o fdc (Mi3867 fdc)(Fleetwood) back of FDC, also front2004"dust storms"
United StatesNone(Zazzle.com) personalized postage2016"haboob"1

1A haboob is an intense dust storm or sandstorm in the deserts of North Africa, Arabia or India. In the southwestern USA, the word has been used as a name for the dust storms caused by strong winds flowing downward and outward from thunderstorms. The leading edge of such a storm is a fast-moving, tall wall of dust.

Below is a list of Duststorms and sandstorms on satellite launch covers.

CountryCancel DateCancel LocationType of ItemNotes on Content
Duststorms and sandstorms
United States1982-03-29WSMR, NM(Space Voyage) cachet on STS-3 proposed landing cover"White Sands sandstorm"; "zero visibility due to sandstorm makes planned White Sands shuttle landing [on 29 March] impossible"
United States1982-03-29Kennedy Space Center FL(Space Voyage) cachet on STS-3 proposed landing cover"unable to land at White Sands Missile Base due to a sandstorm"
United States1982-03-30Kennedy Space Center FL(Quadracolor?) cachet on STS-3 landing cover"Sandstorms at the White Sands Missile Base"
French Guiana2011-09-21Kourou(Association Philatélique du C.E. SPS) cachet on Arabsat-5C and SES-2 launch cover, also back"Sandstorm over the Nile delta, 2003, [image from] Terra satellite" (in French text)

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