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Notes common to the "Notes on Content" columns for this website:

Use of parentheses in the following situations:

Below is an explanation of the explicit and implicit anniversaries of the birth and death included in the "Notes on Content" column of the meteorological and climatological contributors pages of this website.

Use of quotation marks in the following situations:

A phrase in quotation marks in the Notes means that the quoted text as well as a depiction of the element of interest (e.g. a satellite) are found in the philatelic item. If only the quoted text is present in the philatelic item (no depiction), then in the Notes that text is followed by the phrase "in text only" in parentheses. As necessary, other types of explanatory text may also follow the quoted phrase. In some cases, one or more words surrounded by square brackets may appear within the quoted phrase in the Notes. Such text within square brackets does not appear in the philatelic item, but is used in the Notes as explanatory/supplementary information to make them as clear as possible.

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