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Below is an index to checklists of postal and numismatic items in various Weather and Climate categories. Each page features postal items such as stamps, souvenir sheets, postal stationery, postmarks, cancels, meters, and also cinderellas and cachets from covers when appropriate, as well as numismatic items (banknotes and coins). We include all known items, even those considered illegitimate by catalogs or postal authorities, with the idea that users will decide what items are acceptable for their own collections.

Our goal is to build an online catalog for Meteo-Philately that is as complete as possible and is freely available to everyone. Readers who know of additional information or images, or who have suggestions for improvements, are invited to contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

Weather and Climate Philately
International Weather Programs and Organizations
International Weather-Related Programs
National Weather Services, Centers, and Observatories
Weather Instruments and Atmospheric Measurements
Storms and Other Weather Phenomena
Other Weather-Related Categories
Atmospheric Optical Phenomena
Drought/Desertification and Floods
Meteorologists, Climatologists, Atmospheric Scientists, and other Contributors to Meteorology and Climatology
(Sub-orbital) Atmospheric and Other Scientific Research Rockets
Earth imagery
Space Weather and Planetary Environments

International Weather Programs and Organizations
WMO WMD logoWorld Meteorological Day (WMD)
(annually: 23 March)
IMO-WMO centenary logoInternational Meteorological Centenary
(100th anniv. IMO-WMO: 1873 — 1973)
50th WMO logo50th Anniversary of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
(1950 — 2000)
WMO logoWorld Meteorological Organization (WMO)
(does not include IMO/WMO-specific
(WMD, IMO-WMO Centenary, WWW, GAW, and 50th Anniversary WMO)
items in the links directly above.)
WWW logoWorld Weather Watch (WWW) (1963 →) and
Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) (1989 →)
GARP logo GATE logoGlobal Atmospheric Research Program (GARP) (1960s →),
GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment (GATE) (1974), and
Global Weather Experiment (GWE) (1978 — 1979), and
World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) (1990 — 1998)
International Weather-Related Programs
IPY logo IPY logoInternational Polar Year (IPY)
(1st: 1882 — 1883; 2nd: 1932 — 1933;
3rd: 1957 — 1958 [IGY]; 4th: 2007 — 2008)
IGY logoInternational Geophysical Year (IGY)
(1957 — 1958)
IQSY logoInternational Quiet Sun Year (IQSY)
(1964 — 1965)
IHY logoInternational Heliophysical Year (IHY)
(2007 — 2009)
IHD logo3 IHD logo2International Hydrological Decade (IHD)
(1965 — 1974)
ISDR logoNatural Disaster Reduction
EPUOS logoPeaceful Uses of Outer Space (PUOS)
MTPE patch (older) EOS MTPE patch (newer)Mission To Planet Earth (MTPE)
SCAR logoScientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
(including SCAR biennial meetings)
National Weather Services, Centers, and Observatories
weather observatoryNational weather services, centers, and observatories
(and their anniversaries, as well as meteorological schools and training facilities, meteorological outreach,
private meteorological services or organizations, and meteorological societies)
Weather Instruments and Atmospheric Measurements
thermometerThermometers, temperatures and temperature units
hygrometerHygrometers, and atmospheric humidity measurement and units
barometerBarometers, atmospheric pressure and pressure units
anemometer windsockAnemometers, windsocks, and wind vanes
(also wind measurements, and wind towers)
weather balloon radiosondeWeather balloons and radiosondes
(and pilot balloons, tracking theodolites, tracking antennas and equipment,
and Éole isentropic, un-manned stratospheric balloons, and dropsondes)
rain gauge snow gaugePrecipitation (rain and snow) gauges
(plus evaporation pans, water-depth gauges, snow-depth measurements, and precipitation amounts)
sunshine recorderSunshine recorders/heliographs, actinometers, and pyranometers
(and signaling heliographs)
radarGround-based remote sensing in meteorology
(radar, lidar, sodar, etc.)
Stevenson screenStevenson screens
(weather instrument shelters)
autostation ocean buoyAutomatic weather observing stations
(land autostations, and ocean buoys)
wx-shipOcean weather (hydrometeorological) ships
wx-planeWeather research aircraft
Storms and Other Weather Phenomena
cloudsClouds and skies
(only items with clear intent to show clouds)
tornado tornadoTornadoes, waterspouts, and dustdevils
hurricaneHurricanes, typhoons, and tropical cyclones
(and tropical cyclone relief overprints)
winter weather snowflakeWinter weather and storms
(including blizzards, snowstorms, snow falling, snowflakes, ice pellets, and frost)
rain and umbrella thunderstormSummer weather and storms
(including rain, thunderstorms and lightning, and hail)
marine stormExtratropical marine storms
windsStrong winds and windstorms
duststormDuststorms and sandstorms
stormsOther storm-related
fogFog, mist, and haze
Other Weather-Related Categories
weather mapWeather maps
(surface and upper-level weather maps, station models, weather symbols,
vertical cross-sections, and streamlines)
atmospheric water cycleAtmospheric water cycle
ozone destructionOzone (O3)
(including World Ozone Day, annually: 16 September;
Vienna Convention, 1985; and Montréal Protocol, 1987)
cloud seedingWeather modification
(rain enhancement, and hail and lightning suppression)
wx-vane airplane severe-weather alert Meteorological specialties and applications
air pollution atmospheric chemistryAir pollution and atmospheric chemistry
four-seasonsGeneral references to weather/meteorology/atmosphere
Atmospheric Optical Phenomena
halo Sun pillarAtmospheric optical phenomena
(except Rainbows and Auroras)
rainbow(Selected) Rainbows
aurora auroraAuroras
Drought/Desertification and Floods
droughtDrought and desertification
(including World Day to Combat Desertification (WDCD), annually: 17 June)
flood floodFlood-related
PPRG logoPreserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers (PPRG)
classificationClimatic regions and climate-related maps
meetingClimate-related international conferences
greenhouse effect CO2Anthropogenic climate change
(including greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases, and global warming)
ice globe hot globeNatural climate change and variability
weather observatoryClimate programs, institutes, and research
four seasonsOther references to climate and climatology
Meteorologists, Climatologists, Atmospheric Scientists, and other Contributors to Meteorology and Climatology
BjerknesChronological and alphabetical indexes
KöppenClimatologists and contributors to climatology
(Sub-orbital) Atmospheric and Other Scientific Research Rockets
wx-rocket rocketry(Sub-orbital) Atmospheric and Other Scientific Research rockets
Earth imagery
satellite image Landsat-1 imageSatellite imagery of the Earth
Gemini-6A Earth image GATV-12 and EarthGemini-mission Earth imagery
Blue Marble (1972) Apollo-11 EarthriseApollo-mission Earth (and Earthrise) imagery
Skylab-3 and Earth Skylab-4 Earth imageSkylab-mission Earth imagery
STS-7 and Earth ISS and EarthSTS-mission and ISS-related Earth imagery
USA 1434 generic Earthrise(Generic) Earthrise imagery (by stamp designers and artists)
Space Weather and Planetary Environments
space weather SWCEeSpace weather
planetary environments SaturnPlanetary environments
(atmosphere, weather, climate, and water/ice (or their analogues) at or near the surface)
Summary: 60+ major divisions

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