catalog number


Below is an explanation of the stamp, coin, and banknote catalog numbers used by this Website:

Number Prefix or Suffix (as noted)CategoryCatalog or System (country)
Stamps and other postal items
noneregular postageScott (USA)
B (prefix)semi-postalScott (USA)
Cair postScott (USA)
CDcommon designScott (USA)
CPcommemorative panel (un-canceled)Scott (USA)
DpneumaticScott (USA)
FregistrationScott (USA)
Jpostage dueScott (USA)
Ldependencies/territoriesScott (USA)
MHMachin Head (or Machin) definitiveScott (USA)
NBoccupation semi-postalScott (USA)
NCoccupation air postScott (USA)
OofficialScott (USA)
OYlife insuranceScott (USA)
Qparcel postScott (USA)
RApostal taxScott (USA)
RACpostal tax air postScott (USA)
RAJpostal tax dueScott (USA)
SCsouvenir cardScott (USA)
SP(earlier) stamp poster or (later) souvenir page (with FD cancel)Scott (USA)
Ustamped envelopeScott (USA)
UCaerogrammeScott (USA)
UXpostal cardScott (USA)
UXCair postal cardScott (USA)
ZprefectureScott (USA)
i (prefix)imperforate versionthis site's designation (for use with Scott numbers mainly, but not exclusively)
A (suffix)perforatedMichel (Germany)
B (suffix)imperforateMichel (Germany)
BLblock/sheetMichel (Germany)
MHbookletMichel (Germany)
Miregular postageMichel (Germany)
mMinkus (USA, discontinued worldwide in 1974, in the USA in 2004)
CNEPChambre des Négociants et Experts en Philatélie (Chamber of Dealers and Experts in Philately)Yvert (France)
BL1block/sheetYvert (France)
PAair postYvert (France)
Yvregular postageYvert (France)
WBregular postageWeebau (Belgium)
KMKrause and Mishler (USA)
YYoeman (USA)
PPick (USA)

1Like Michel, Yvert uses the "BL" prefix for blocks/sheets. We use the Yvert "BL" prefix only in the rare cases when no other catalog number is available.

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