Russia 4517

Russian definitive pairs that are nearly identical
and may be mistaken for each other

Russia 4596

Below is a list of Russian definitive pairs (identical stamps, but different printings) with un-manned satellite overprints. Each definitive pair listed below is identical except for the printing method: engraving versus lithography. Each member of the pair therefore has two different catalog numbers. It is impossible to differentiate between the two from images alone. Without being able to examining the actual stamp (which is generally the case for these definitives) it is assumed that the overprinted stamp is the engraved one (listed first in the table). However, it is possible that the overprinted stamp is the lithographed one (listed second in the table).

Other Russian definitives were also overprinted with un-manned satellites, but for those definitives there was only one printing and therefore those definitives have unique stamp numbers. They are not included in this page.

These Russian definitives were overprinted by the following (23) republics or autonomous regions: Adzharia, Altai, Bashkortostan, Birobidjan-Jewish, Buriatia, Chechenia, Chuvashia, East Siberia, Gagouzia, Ingushetia, Kazakhstan, Kolyma, Komi, Mariel, Mordovia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Osetia North, Osetia Republic, Ossetia Republic [two s's], Sacha, Smolensk, Tartari Republic, Tatarstan, Tuva, Udmurtia, Ukraine, Ural Republic, and Xhakasia. Most of them started to issue postage stamps after the breakup of the Soviet Union (USSR).

These Russian definitives can be found overprinted with un-manned satellites on the following pages: A-1, Azur (Dial-Wika/Mika), D-series, Elektron, Explorer, FR-1, Galileo, Gorizont, Interkosmos, Kosmos, Luna, Lunar Orbiter, Mariner, Mars, Meteor, Molniya, Pioneer-11, Prognoz, Proton, Ranger, Space weather, SPOT, Sputnik-1, Sputnik-3, Vega, Venera, Viking, Zond, and Unknown/fantasy.

CountryYearsCatalog number
Engraved versionLithographed version
Definitive pairs that are nearly identical and may be mistaken for each other
Russia (USSR)1968/196634713 (Mi3496)32583 (Mi3280)
Russia (USSR)1976/19774517 (Mi4494)45961 (Mi4629v+w)
Russia (USSR)4518 (Mi4495)45971 (Mi4630v+w)
Russia (USSR)4519 (Mi4496)45981 (Mi4631v+w)
Russia (USSR)4520 (Mi4497)45991 (Mi4632v+w)
Russia (USSR)4521 (Mi4498)46001 (Mi4633v+w)
Russia (USSR)4528 (Mi4505)46071,2 (Mi4640v+w)
Russia (USSR)1988/19895723 (Mi5894)5838 (Mi6065)
Russia (USSR)5724 (Mi5895)5839 (Mi6026)
Russia (USSR)5725 (Mi5896)5840 (Mi6027)
Russia (USSR)5726 (Mi5897)5841 (Mi6028)
Russia (USSR)5727 (Mi5898)5842 (Mi6029)
Russia (USSR)5728 (Mi5899)5843 (Mi6030)
Russia (USSR)5732 (Mi5903)5847 (Mi6034)
Russia (USSR)5733 (Mi5904)5848 (Mi6035)

1Michel indicates that the lithographed version was available in both coated (shiny) paper and normal (dull) paper, which are designated by "v" and "w" suffixes, respectively.
2Only Russia 4607 (Mi4640w) from this definitive pair was overprinted as Russia 5720 (Mi5892), both of which are found on the Molniya page.
3Neither Russia 3258 (Mi3280) nor Russia 3471 (Mi3496) were overprinted like the other pairs, both of which are found on the Luna page.

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