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Below are checklists of Climate programs, institutes, and research on postal items (stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.). Catalog numbers, years of issue, and notes on the items featured are given when available. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

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Climate programs, institutes, and research Climate programs, institutes, and research

Below is a list of Climate programs, institutes, and research on postal items (stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.).

CountryCatalog NumberType of ItemYear of IssueNotes on Content
Climate Programs, Institutes, and Research
Australia2890-2893 bk ifcPrestige booklet of 20 front cover inside2008IPCC estimates (of temperature)
Australia2890-2893 p16Prestige booklet of 20 page 16"Pew Centre" (on Global Climate Change); see
Australia2893c frontBooklet pane of 4 from prestige booklet of 20 page 25 (part of two-sided booklet pane of 8)reference to
Australia2890-2893 ibcPrestige booklet of 20 back cover inside"Australian Department of Climate Change"; "Climate Research Unit, University of East Anglia"; "IPCC report 95"; UN Environment Program (UNEP) (for climate change work done by UNEP, see
Austria1224 (Mi1720)198210th anniv. International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) (conducts policy-oriented research into complex global problems in three core areas: 1. Energy and Climate Change; 2. Food and Water; 3. Poverty and Equity)
Austria1224 blackBlackprint
Austria1224 fdcStamp on FDC
Austria1224 maxiMaxicard
Brazil1975 (Mi2096)1985Programa Nacional do Clima
Brazil1975 fdcStamp and (pictorial) cancel and (green and black printed) cachet on FDC
British Antarctic Territory280-284 fdc (Mi293-297Insert from FDC, also front1999The British Antarctic Survey science programme includes studies of "the Antarctic climate"
Canada1287 fdc (Mi1195 fdc)(Colorano silk) cachet on FDC1990"climate observation"
CanadaNoneCachet (return address) on cover1998Canadian Institute for Climate Studies, University of Victoria, Victoria BC
FranceNone(Meteor. returns) postal card1952Météo France, for thunderstorm and hail reports; "Urgent - Climatologie"
FranceNone(Meteor. returns) postal card, also back1985Météo France, for thunderstorm and hail reports; "Urgent - Climatologie"
FranceNoneCachet on cover1991MINERVE3 program
FranceNoneCachet on cover1993MINERVE3 program
FranceNoneCachet on cover1995MINERVE3 program
French Southern and Antarctic TerritoriesNoneCachet on cover1999"Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement"
French Southern and Antarctic TerritoriesNone(Blue rubber-stamp) cachet on cover2009OISO1 project (studies atmospheric and oceanic CO2 in the Indian Ocean)
Grenada2140 (Mi2498)1992"Endosat, proposed robot plane for atmospheric climate research"
Grenada2140+2147 fdcOne of two stamps on FDC
Guinea RepublicUnknown ss (BL?)SS12007"Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change" (in French text - Groupe d'Experts intergouvernemental sur l'Évolution du Climat)
ItalyNoneCachet on cover19??Isituto climatico "Selva dei Pini"
ItalyNoneCachet on cover1960Isituto climatico "Selva dei Pini"
MozambiqueMi3644-3649_ms6MS6 (Mi3644-3649)2010Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (in Portuguese text)
Namibia690-693 fdc (Mi698-701 fdc)Insert from FDC, also front1991Gobabeb meteorological station and "22 similar meteorological stations in Namibia" that, "together with the approximately 320 rainfall stations, form the basic weather and climate observation network of the Namibian Meteorological Service".
Norway1570 (BL37)MS2 (1570 (a-b))2009"Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)"
Sri Lanka1763 fdc (Mi1805 fdc)(Multi-color printed) cachet on FDC, with detail2010National Ozone Unit (
SwedenNone(Pictorial) cancel1990Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
United StatesNone(Weather report) envelope, also detail1927US Weather Bureau Office, Climatological Division
United StatesNone(Blue rubber-stamp) cachet (and signature) on cover1969BOMEX2 logo
United StatesNone(Magenta rubber-stamp) cachet (and signature) on cover (different)1969BOMEX2 logo
United StatesNone(Hand-written and black rubber-stamp) cachet on cover1979"EPOCS - Equatorial Pacific Ocean Climate Study"
United States4893 fdc (Mi5079 fdc)(HL) back of FDC, also front2014"Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory"

1OISO is the Océan Indien Service d'Observations. The following organizations are partners in the project:

OISO is a long term project, started in January 1998, for observing oceanic and atmospheric carbon dioxide and related properties in the western and southern Indian Ocean. It studies dissolved oceanic CO2 concentrations and the exchange of CO2 between the ocean and the atmosphere, and how those exchanges and concentrations are changing with time. The project complements data obtained in similar projects by other teams in the Atlantic, Pacific and eastern Indian sectors.
2BOMEX was the Barbados Oceanographic and Meteorological EXperiment. It was conducted from 1 May to 28 July 1969 as a joint project of seven US departments and agencies and Barbados. Its primary objective was to measure the exchanges of heat, moisture and momentum between the tropical ocean and atmosphere in a trade wind regime.
3The MINERVE (Mesures à l'INterface Eau-aiR de la Variabilité des Echanges de CO2) program operates in the southern ocean. Its goal is to measure oceanic CO2 and the exchanges of CO2 between the atmosphere and the ocean.

Below is a list of Climate programs, institutes, and research on launch covers (including anniversary-of-launch covers).

CountryCancel DateCancel LocationType of ItemNotes on Content
Climate Programs, Institutes, and Research
United States1984-10-05Houston TX(Colorano "silk") cachet on STS-41G and ERBS launch cover"measuring how much energy the Earth receives from the Sun and how much it radiates back into space, an energy exchange that must balance precisely or the world would gradually grow hotter or colder"
United States2011-02-11Cape Canaveral FL(Mission 57) cachet on SDO launch cover back, also front"measuring solar extreme-UV understand its influence on Earth's climate"
United States2011-03-04Vandenberg AFB, CA(Mission 57) cachet on Glory launch cover back, also front"the satellite will also measure solar irradiance and its influence on Earth's long-term climate - knowing how the electromagnetic spectrum fluctuates, scientists will understand how the Sun affects Earth's temperature"

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