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RAMMB: Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch logo CIRA: Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere logo NESDIS: NOAA Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service logo

GOES-R - AWG Proxy Data

Mesoscale Weather

The RAMMB team is involved in the development of simulated GOES-R ABI proxy data for mesoscale weather events such as hurricane cases, a lake effect snow case, and severe weather events. The simulated ABI imagery has been produced for the 10 upper ABI wavelengths from 3.9 to 13.3 ?m. The objective of this project is to create realistic satellite imagery using a state of the art mesoscale model and accurate radiative transfer modeling which can then be used for testing various GOES-R product algorithms.

Modeling specifics

Examples of RAMMB’s mesoscale synthetic ABI products can be seen below.

Lake Effect Snow - 12 February 2003: GOES-R ABI at 10.35 µm

Severe Weather - 8 May 2003: GOES-R ABI at 10.35 µm

Hurricane Wilma - 19 October 2005: GOES-R ABI at 3.9 µm

Hurricane Lili - 2 October 2002: GOES-R ABI at 10.35 µm