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These are links for the 2020 AMS Short Course (12 January 2020)

From GOES-R and JPSS Satellite Data to Disaster Response: Every Decision Counts

Agenda. All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

800am: Introduction and Summary of Planned Activities

810am: Satellite Program Overviews for GOES-R and JPSS

830am: Top Environmental Disasters where Satellite Data and Products Played a Key Role

900am: Refreshment Break

930am: Activity 1. Severe Convection: NOAA Satellites Ever-Watchful After Dark

1030am: Activity 2. Using Satellite Data to Analyze Center Position and Intensity Change during a Critical Point in Hurricane Dorian's Development

1130am: Lunch Break

1230pm: Activity 3. Use of Satellites in Analyzing of Heavy Precipitation from Midwest Flooding from 2019

130pm: Group Analysis: An Exercise in Helping a Stakeholder/Customer Make High Impact Decisions

230pm: Refreshment Break

300pm: Outbrief of Group Analysis

330pm: Course Summary and Evaluation

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