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These are links for the 2019 Joint Satellite Conference Short Course (29 September 2019)

Significant Hazards Satellite Applications Short Course

Agenda. All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

800am: Introduction and Summary of Planned Activities

815am: Overview of GOES-R, JPSS and EUMETSAT Operational Environmental Satellite Systems

915am: Monitoring Wildfires and their impact on East Coast Air Quality

1015am: Coffee Break

1045am: Using Satellites to Nowcast Convection over South America

1145am: Lunch Break

1245pm: Satellite-based Flood Mapping to improve Flood Forecasting and Mitigation

145pm: Coffee Break

215pm: Monitoring the Saharan Air Layer Using Satellite Applications

315pm: Training Resources - Q & A - Course Evaluation

330pm: End of Course