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SHyMet Intern Introduction

The Intern track of the Satellite Hydrology and Meteorology (SHyMet) Course will touch on Geostationary and Polar orbiting satellite basics (areal coverage and image frequency), identification of atmospheric and surface phenomena, and provide examples of the integration of meteorological techniques with satellite observing capabilities. This course will be administered through web-based instruction and will be the equivalent of 16 hours of training. Initially the Intern Track was targeted for NWS interns. It is now open to anyone inside or outside of NOAA who wishes to review the "basics" of satellite meteorology.

If you wish to register for the course, send an email to:
nws.oaa.clo.shymet AT
In the email, be sure to include your name and your office (site ID).

After you've registered via email, we will reply to you with setup instructions on how to signup for this course which will be delivered through the E-Learning Management System (LMS).

Certificates of completion are available on the LMS after each lesson has been taken. After taking all of the lessons, we will mail you a signed SHyMet course completion certificate.