A-1 / Astérix satellite
Common Design Types

Below is a checklist of A-1 satellite common design type stamps. The A-1 satellite is also known as Astérix.

DetailsImages (perforated and imperforate)
A-1 / Astérix (CD121)
CountryComoro Islands
Catalog NumberC16a (C15-C16 + label)
Year of Issue1966
Catalog Number1138a (1137-1138 + label)
Year of Issue1965
CountryFrench Polynesia
Catalog NumberC41a (C40-C41 + label)
Year of Issue1966
CountryFrench Southern and Antarctic Territories
Catalog NumberC10a (C9-C10 + label)
Year of Issue1966
CountryNew Caledonia
Catalog NumberC45a (C44-C45 + label)
Year of Issue1966
Catalog Number359a (358-359 + label)
France 1138a overprinted
Year of Issue1966
CountrySt. Pierre and Miquelon
Catalog NumberC31a (C30-C31 + label)
Year of Issue1966
CountrySomali Coast
Catalog NumberC40a (C39-C40 + label)
Year of Issue1966
CountryWallis and Futuna Islands
Catalog NumberC23a (C22-C23 + label)
Year of Issue1966

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