Imaging with NPOESS VIIRS: This module introduces the NPOESS VIIRS imager that will fly on the NPOESS Preparatory Project and the NPOESS satellites. VIIRS will be the primary visible and infrared environmental imaging instrument for operational polar-orbiting satellites, replacing instruments from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) and NOAA. The VIIRS imager has many advanced features that will improve both spectral and temporal resolution. Advanced viewing geometry algorithms will make VIIRS imagery usable across the scan path, avoiding edge of scan effects common with other cross-track scanners. Ninety-five percent of VIIRS data will be available within 28 minutes of overpass time, providing consistent, high-quality, high-resolution data to users. This module covers the improvements to polar-orbiting remote sensing by examining the systems that contributed to VIIRS development. Special attention is paid to the Nighttime Visible channel as VIIRS will be the first civilian satellite to image atmospheric and terrestrial features with and without moonlight. This module takes about 45 minutes to complete. Start

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