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Brief description


VisitView Builder- Used to prepare and deliver material for internet training

is a software application that allows the user to assemble and present online collaborative training sessions using the internet. Visit stands for Virtual Institute for Satellite Remote Training.. Read a conference paper describing Visitview

VisitVIEW buidler tutorial

VisitVIEW home page for further information and online tutorials, requires internet connection


McIDAS - Used to display and manipulate digital satellite data

is a software package from the Space Science and Engineering Centre at the Univeristy of Wisconsin for displaying and manipulating meteorological data, particularly satellite data. Click here to read about the McIDAS history. Visit the McIDAS home page requires internet connection.

Using McIDAS – If you access data remotely, create a folder within C:DATA\GOES and load your data into the new folder.  When accessing and loading data use the general command sequence given in the paper “specialdataexercise.doc” which was used to analyze the 10FEB2005 case (REDIRECT ADD AREA* “//dev/fs/C/DATA/GOES/folder name).  Note that commands into McIDAS are case sensitive! 


Envi FreeLook - Used to create 3 channel color combinations

ENVI FreeLook is designed to provide basic viewing, data selection, and data quality assessment capabilities for a wide variety of image data. While it offers considerable functionality, it is not an image processing system. For a complete software package with full image processing capabilities, please consider evaluating ENVI, the Environment for Visualizing Images. ENVI technical information is available on the ENVI Homepage at or at, or by contacting Research Systems Inc. at 303-786-9900 or


SATAID - Used to access and display digital satellite data

software has been developed by the Japan Meteorological Agency to diaplay and manipulate LRIT data. In addition to its use for operational purposes it can also be used as a standalone training tool for producing and running case studies. Click here to read a conference paper by one of the software writers. Click here to read the tutorial and exercises on using SATAID.

The SATAID software suite also has an additional application to allow users to download realtime data. This application is known as LRIT. At the present time only data from the Western Pacific is available. In the future it should be possible to download data for all areas of the globe.

Click here to start SATAID via internet to access realtime data for the Western Pacific Region


Hydra - Used to investigate multispectral data

is another application from the Space Science and Engineering Centre. This application is used to display and interact with multispectral data, in particular allow channel arithmetic, cross sections across images and scatter plots. Click here for a conference paper on this application. Click here for a tutorial on the use of Hydra.


AHABS - Used to perform principal component analysis on digital satellite imagery

is an IDL application to analyse multispectral imagery, in particular to investigate the principle component eigenvectors of the image. To run AHABS you need to have the IDL runtime installed.

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