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Former Training Sessions Archive

Below you'll find a list of former VISIT training sessions that are no longer supported, listed in reverse chronological order. Although no longer supported training sessions, they can be utilized as reference material. To sort them by a different column, click the column heading at the top to reorder them.

Title Topic Developed Level Instructor(s) Recorded Talking points
POES and AVHRR Satellite Products in AWIPS Satellite 2010 Basic Lindstrom, Bachmeier N Y
Use of Ensembles in the Forecast Process (Cold Season Version) NWP 2007 Basic Bua N N
Introduction to GOES N, O, P Satellite 2006 Basic Schmit Y N
Introduction to Gridded Model Output Statistics (MOS) NWP 2006 Basic Bua Y Y
Applying the Ten Principles of Climate Monitoring in NWS Field Operations Climate 2004 Basic Owen N Y
Downscaled GFS with Eta Extension (DGEX): Its uses and limitations NWP 2004 Basic Jascourt Y Y
The Satellite Rainfall Hydro-Estimator Tropical / Sat 2003 Basic Kuligowski Y Y
Fog Detection and Analysis with Satellite Data Satellite 2002 Basic Ellrod N Y
Introduction to POES Data and Products Satellite 2002 Basic Kidder; Dills Y N
Meteorological uses of ACARS Weather Data Other 2002 Basic Mamrosh N Y
Forecasting Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCS) Severe / Sat 2001 Basic Junker N Y
Top Ten Misconceptions about Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Models NWP 2001 Basic Jascourt; Bua Y Y
Using Near-Storm Environment Data in the Warning Decision Making Process Severe 2001 Basic Grant N Y
Diagnosing the Potential for Surface Boundaries to Initiate Convection Severe 2000 Basic LaDue; Grant N Y
Diagnosis of Elevated Mesoscale Ascent: The Midland TX Heavy Snow Event of 11 Dec 1998 Winter / Sat 2000 Basic Bachmeier N Y
Natural Disaster Information Cards (NDIC) Other 2000 Basic Weaver N Y
GOES Enhancement/Color Tables in AWIPS Satellite 1999 Basic Motta; Bikos N Y
Three Classes of Storm Top Signatures in Infrared Satellite Data Satellite 1999 Basic Zaras N Y
Using GOES Rapid Scan Operations (RSO) Imagery in AWIPS Severe / Sat 1999 Basic Motta; Bikos N Y
Enhanced-V Severe / Sat 1998 Basic Bachmeier N N
LTO Boundaries at Night Severe / Sat 1998 Basic Motta; Mostek N Y
Title Topic Developed Level Instructor(s) Recorded Talking points