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Quick Briefs

Below is a list of Quick Briefs for satellite imagery and products. Quick Briefs are short training videos designed to introduce various imagery and products. Be sure that you are using a flash enabled browser.

Title Last Updated Category
VIIRS Fire Temperature RGB 2020-04-06 RGB
VIIRS Day Land Cloud Fire RGB 2020-01-10 RGB
Day Land Cloud Fire RGB 2019-12-13 RGB
Day Land Cloud RGB 2019-12-13 RGB
Day Convection RGB 2019-12-13 RGB
GOES Fire Temperature RGB 2019-12-13 RGB
Differential Water Vapor RGB 2019-12-13 RGB
Air Mass RGB 2019-12-13 RGB
Ash RGB 2019-12-13 RGB
Dust RGB 2019-12-13 RGB
Nighttime Microphysics RGB 2019-12-13 RGB
Blended TPW 2019-09-20 Product
VIIRS Near Constant Contrast 2019-07-25 Product
GCOM AMSR2 Winds 2019-07-01 Product
MIRS Sea Ice Concentration 2019-06-19 Product
MIRS Snow Water Equivalent 2019-06-19 Product
MIRS Total Precipitable Water 2019-06-19 Product
Day Snow Fog 2019-04-03 RGB
Day Cloud Convection 2019-04-03 RGB
Cloud Phase Difference (11.2 - 8.4 μm) 2019-02-26 Product
Legacy Atmospheric Profiles 2019-01-31 Product
Volcanic Ash Detection and Retrieval 2019-01-31 Product
Fire Detection and Characterization Algorithm (FDCA) 2019-01-31 Product
GLM Applications Overview 2018-10-04 GLM
GLM and Ground Networks 2018-10-04 GLM
Sea Surface Temperature (SST) product 2018-09-28 Product
GLM Average Flash Area and Total Optical Energy 2018-08-07 GLM
GLM Data Quality 2018-08-07 GLM
GLM Gridded Products 2018-08-07 GLM
GLM Definitions and Detection Methods 2018-08-07 GLM
Day Cloud Phase Distinction 2018-07-16 RGB
Split Water Vapor Difference (6.19 - 7.34 μm) 2018-05-02 Product
AWIPS Remapping, Scales and Spatial Resolution 2018-03-12 Topic
Total Precipitable Water (TPW) Baseline product 2018-03-06 Product
Satellite Default Color Tables 2018-03-06 Topic
Creating Color Enhancements 2018-03-06 Topic
Pixel Size, Parallax, Limb Cooling 2021-02-16 Topic
Night Fog Brightness Temperature Difference (10.3 - 3.9 μm) 2018-02-16 Product
Split Window Difference (10.3 - 12.3 μm) 2018-02-16 Product
Infrared Satellite Enhancement 2018-02-16 Topic
Satellite Color Tables: Ranges 2018-02-16 Topic
Title Last Updated Category