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GOES-R / JPSS Hands-On Training To Process, Display and Analyze Satellite Data Products

These are links for the 2021 AMS Satellite Short Course (17-18 March 2021)


Day 1 - Wednesday, 17 March 2021

1100am: Introduction, Summary of Planned Activities (Sherrie Morris)

1110am: NOAA's role in optimizing the use of satellite information (Mitch Goldberg)

1140am: JPSS/GOES-R Satellite Applications (Andy Heidinger and Satya Kalluri)

1200pm: The use of tools for processsing and displaying satellite data (Tom Atkins)

1220pm: Hands-On Exercise 1: Using JSTAR Mapper (Tom Atkins)

1250pm: 15-Minute Break

105pm: Hands-On Exercise 2: Using CIMSS Real Earth - Flood Mapping (William Straka)

135pm: Hands-On Exercise 3: Using CIRA SLIDER (Curtis Seaman)

205pm: Hands-On Exercise 4: Using ERDDAP (Cara Wilson)

235pm: Discussion on all sessions (Bill Sjoberg)

250pm: Recap - Closing Remarks (Andy Heidinger)

300pm: End of Day 1

Day 2 - Thursday, 18 March 2021

1100am: Introduction of today's speakers (Sherrie Morris)

1110am: Interactive Session - Using multispectral imagery products to anticipate, detect, and track severe thunderstorms (Bill Line)

1150am: Interactive Session - Using GLM products to anticipate and understand severe thunderstorms (Joseph Patton)

1225pm: 15-minute Break

1240pm: Understanding GOES-16/17 Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) data files (Amy Huff)

1255pm: Hands-On Exercise 5: Download ABI data files from AWS using Python (Amy Huff)

110pm: Hands-On Exercise 6: Open and explore the contents of an ABI data file using Python (Amy Huff)

130pm: Break

140pm: Hands-On Exercise 7: Process and visualize ABI data using Python (Amy Huff)

215pm: Closing remarks, Outbrief, and Evaluation (Mitch Goldberg)

230pm: SPECIAL TOPIC (Optional) - Sharing NOAA Data across platforms to Support CA Civil Air Patrol / National Guard via GeoCollaborate (Dave Jones)

300pm: End of Short Course