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VISIT Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do these training sessions last?
Live teletraining is typically between 15 to 75 minutes in length, depending on the topic.
2. The bandwidth in my office is slow, is there an alternative to downloading the file?
Yes. All of the VISIT training sessions with an audio playback format can be mailed to your office on DVD.
3. Can I use these sessions for on-station training?
Yes. There are different formats for taking the training session anytime you wish. The first type is the web-based video playback format, after clicking on the link simply listen to the presentation. The second type is the audio playback format, after downloading a VISITview file and following the directions to install it, listen to the presentation. Talking points are also provided for many sessions so that a printout of the main points of each slide may be used when reviewing training sessions.
4. What do I get if I take the live teletraining session?
1.) Credit in the NOAA LMS for your training record (assuming names of participants are returned to us on the email evaluation form), and 2.) A certificate of completion, after the point of contact supplies us with names of participants in the followup evaluation email. Please approximately 1-2 weeks for the certificates to arrive at your office depending on volume.
5. I want to print a slide, what is the best way to do it?
Click on the print button within the controls frame of the VISITview presentation.
6. If I have problems during the VISITview teletraining session what do I do?
See the Troubleshooting VISITview Training Sessions web-page.
7. How do I make available recorded VISITview training sessions to my office via an intranet?
Please see the tutorial at:
8. The web-based video version runs slow on my system.
This can be due to a PC with insufficent RAM, make sure you are using a system that has 2 GB or more of RAM. If the problem persists, this may be to slow internet connectivity so the solution would be to use the audio playback version of the training (i.e., download the VISITview file).
9. If I have a question, who can I contact?
Dan Bikos Dan.Bikos AT (970)491-3777