Topics, Ideas and Questions for Submission


To submit a new topic, idea or question for publishing within this forum, please write to us at

This particular blog forum is intended to be presented (mostly) in question and answer format. The “answers” to those posts which have definitive answers will be given a week or two after the post first appears, however, discussion/comments are encouraged both before and after. For those questions (posts) without definitive answers, we hope to, through thorough discussion, get to the core of the problem. Of course, there will be exclusions to this format if you really just want to present something of interest.

In addition to the text portion of your submission, please include (attach) any images that you would like to use to illustrate the “problem.” We can also put together images into a loop if you would like us to do so.

See the list of categories (right side of page).

Remember, this list is not exhaustive and nearly any topic is OK as long as it has to do with the atmospheric sciences and associated problems.

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VISIT / SHyMet staff