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Hawaii, Up Close and Personal

Jeff Braun Look at the following three images from the TERRA (EOS AM-1) satellite and the plotted image from the QuickSCAT satellite (courtesy NASA TERRA project – http://terra.nasa.gov/) and try to determine: 1. What is going on around the Big Island … Continue reading

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Central CONUS River Flooding – from CIMSS

This is some great stuff from the CIMSS bunch at the University of Wisconsin.  Read the following message sent March 21, 2008 and click the accompanying link to go to their satellite blog.     “MODIS images showing the extent of river flooding … Continue reading

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Use of Satellite Data at National Weather Service Forecast Offices

J. Braun Presented by Don Moore, from the NOAA/NWS WFO in Billings, MT, his presentation titled “Use of Satellite Data at National Weather Service Forecast Offices” has both great foresight and hindsight in the use of GOES data for operational use at … Continue reading

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AMS-FYI: GOES Imagery Applications at the Aviation Weather Center

J. Braun Presented by Steven Silberberg, AWC/NCEP, Kansas City, MO – at the 5th GOES Users Conference in January of 2008. The Aviation Weather Center (AWC) makes extensive use of GOES imagery in its forecast operations. AWC forecast operations include a … Continue reading

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Tropical Cyclones and Dvorak

J. Braun Who or what is Dvorak?  A. An opinion/editoralist writer for PC magazine.  B. The man who invented the Dvorak simplified keyboard layout.  C. The largest car sales and rental car companu in the Czech Republic.  D. The man who developed … Continue reading

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