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Oil and Water Really Don’t Mix

By J. Braun Additional information/images from  – Steven Miller, Bernie Connell, Dan Lindsey, and NASA Figure 1(above). Eleven crew members of the state of the art floating oil rig “Deepwater Horizon” are now presumed dead following an explosion on the rig … Continue reading

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MODIS Longwave channel difference of Gulf Stream and Labrador currents

Jeff Braun and Louie Grasso Figures 1-4 show Modis images at 3.9, 8.53, 11.02, and 12.03 µm, respectively at 1825 UTC on 6 April 2010. Off the east coast of the United States, two ocean currents are evident in the … Continue reading

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GOES-11/MODIS channel differencing for icing hazard

J. Braun and Louis Grasso Figure 1: GOES-11 fog product for 8 UTC 2 March 2010. Identification of liquid water cloud layers that have temperatures below freezing is important for aviation safety. Brightness temperature differencing two channels may be used … Continue reading

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GOES-R Proving Ground At the Great Lakes

Louie Grasso, Dan Lindsey, J. Braun GOES-R ABI will have several channels in the window region from which channel difference products can be produced. Three of the channels, 8.53, 11.02, and 12.03 µm are available from MODIS. From these three … Continue reading

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Hawaii, Up Close and Personal

Jeff Braun Look at the following three images from the TERRA (EOS AM-1) satellite and the plotted image from the QuickSCAT satellite (courtesy NASA TERRA project – http://terra.nasa.gov/) and try to determine: 1. What is going on around the Big Island … Continue reading

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