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Synthetic Cloud Top Heights

by Louie Grasso, Dan Lindsey, Jeff Braun Cloud tops heights, an important forecast parameter, is being generated from the NSSL 4km WRF-ARW real-time run.  At CIRA we have been generating synthetic GOES-R imagery from this real-time model since spring 2010.  … Continue reading

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United Airlines Flight 967 – Severe Turbulence, July 20, 2010

Jeff Braun and Dan Lindsey NOAA/RAMMB CIRA/CSU ***(Also, please see addendum near the end of this message) The following are a sequence of GOES-13 visible images from 19:45 UTC on 20 July 2010 to 00:45 UTC on 21 July 2010. … Continue reading

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Is it Real, or is it…Synthetic GOES-R Imagery?

Jeff Braun, Louie Grasso and Dan Lindsey As part of the GOES-R Proving Ground activities, synthetic GOES-R imagery has been produced from model output run at the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL). This model is being run with horizontal grid spacing of … Continue reading

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Proving Ground: GOES-R ABI color imagery

J. Braun, Louie Grasso and Don Hillger When GOES-R becomes operational, one new capability that no other GOES satellite has had to date is the ability to produce geostationary color imagery. As a result, satellite detection of pollution and/or thin … Continue reading

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Thunderstorm features through channel differencing in the GOES-R Proving Ground

J. Braun GOES-R ABI will have several channels in the window region from which channel difference products can be produced. Four channels, 8.5, 10.35, 11.2, and 12.3 µm can be differenced to produce a total of six difference images. In … Continue reading

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