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Mesoscale vortex development over Lake Ontario on January 23, 2013

An Arctic airmass over the Great Lakes provided for a significant lake-effect snow event off Lake Ontario leading up to January 23, 2013 (maximum snowfall reports 3 feet near the southeast shoreline).  Near the end of this lake-effect snow event, … Continue reading

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Lightning as Proxy for VIL and/or Echo Tops (ET)

J. Braun Here is a paper/discussion presented at this year’s 13th Conference on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Meteorology by Haig Iskenderian (from MIT) titled, “Cloud-to-Ground Lightning as a Proxy for Nowcasts of VIL and Echo Tops.”  Although geared toward the aviation community, … Continue reading

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Some Great Knowledge, Papers, and Training Materials That You May Have Missed

Jeff Braun Below are some links to, or copies of, some perhaps lesser known meteorological training materials.  Many of these have been born out of Aviation Weather programs either here in the USA through the military Air Force Weather Agency … Continue reading

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