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Onset of southwest monsoon as depicted by the CIRA advected LPW product

Between the first and second week of July, moisture associated with the southwest monsoon surged into the Mojave dessert.  Prior to the arrival of this airmass, very hot temperatures and low dewpoint temperatures existed throughout the southwest.  After the arrival … Continue reading

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Flash Flood Season in the Rocky Mountain West – Just a Reminder

Jeff Braun This is just a brief reminder that it is monsoon/(FLASH) flood season here in Colorado and the rest of the Rocky Mountain West and adjacent High Plains.  While this region is no stranger to flooding conditions…particularly in the … Continue reading

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The North American Monsoon Season Has Begun

(Courtesy NOAA/NWS – July 15, 2008) Jeff Braun Strong heating over the elevated (Mexican Plateau) desert southwest CONUS causes an area of low pressure to form known as a thermal low.  Since the air pressure is relatively higher over the nearly adjacent ocean areas (Gulf … Continue reading

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