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Southern Georgia: West Mims Fire

As the spring season accelerates into summer, it is that time of year again for fires to occur all around the United States. A large fire that is a-brewing is the West Mims Fire located in southern Georgia, embedded in the Okefenokee National … Continue reading

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Nantahala National Forest Wildfires 11-11-16

Above average temperatures have been persisting over a great portion of the United States, bringing drought-like conditions. One of the areas that have been experiencing the lack in precipitation is the Nantahala National Forest located in Western North Carolina. In … Continue reading

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New Mexico’s Whitewater-Baldy and Colorado’s High Park Fires: Case(s) of the “Disappearing Smoke” – Differences in Visible Smoke Detection – GOES 15 vs GOES 13

Louie Grasso and Jeff Braun Updated June 25, 2012 Now: The Whitewater-Baldy Fire was a very large wildfire that existed over southwestern New Mexico during the last couple of weeks of May and into June 2012.  At nearly 300, 000 … Continue reading

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Oil and Water Really Don’t Mix

By J. Braun Additional information/images from  – Steven Miller, Bernie Connell, Dan Lindsey, and NASA Figure 1(above). Eleven crew members of the state of the art floating oil rig “Deepwater Horizon” are now presumed dead following an explosion on the rig … Continue reading

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GOES-R ABI smoke imagery for the Proving Ground

J. Braun, Louis Grasso and Don Hillger GOES-R ABI will have the ability to produce imagery at 0.47 µm (blue) and at 0.67 µm (red). Although GOES-R will be unable to produce any images at 0.555 µm (green), color imagery … Continue reading

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