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Dust off the coast of Africa!

Earlier this morning, a large areal extent of dust advected off the coast of Africa. The new National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration¬† – 20 (NOAA-20) satellite, launched into orbit back in November 2017, captured the dust via Day/Night Band (DNB) … Continue reading

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GOES-16 Split Window Difference Precursor to Convective Initiation

There are two GOES-16 products related to convective activity.¬† One is related to convective initiation; that is, this product will identify new cumulus that will further develop into mature thunderstorms.¬† The second product identifies which mature thunderstorms have a high … Continue reading

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Volcan de Fuego, Guatemala erupts again!

Yesterday, Volcan de Fuego erupted again in southern Guatemala. The pyroclastic flow of Fuego surprised many, and as of this morning 4 June 2018, at least 25 people have died, while many others are injured. Locals near Fuego, are in … Continue reading

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Fog event of 22 May 2018 in the midwest – focus on nighttime microphysics RGB

During the overnight and morning hours of May 22, 2018 there was widespread fog over the upper midwest region centered around Wisconsin.¬† We’ll start by looking at the familiar fog product (10.3 – 3.9 micron) overlaid with ceiling (top left: … Continue reading

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Colorado Fog

Fog engulfed northeastern Colorado this morning. Thick fog persisted over several hours, along the northern, I-25 corridor and eastern Colorado plains. Real-time surface observations below, can point out the foggy areas, indicated by the horizontal, parallel, pink lines. Surface observations … Continue reading

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