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4 February 2019 significant ice storm in the Upper Great Lakes

On 4 February a shortwave tracked across the Upper Great Lakes towards the east, ahead of the shortwave, anomalously high moisture at low to mid-levels existed which contributed to a historic ice storm for the region. The NWS forecast office … Continue reading

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WS Harper Impacts on Northeast US

As Winter Storm Harper passed through the northeast United States, the storm brought heavy precipitation in the forms of snow, rain, and freezing rain that produced significant ice accumulation on the ground. Storm total snowfall, rainfall and ice accumulations were … Continue reading

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Synthetic Imagery from the NAM Alaska Nest 4 km

By Jorel Torres, Dan Bikos and Lewis Grasso A majority of National Weather Service (NWS) training is focused on satellite products for the CONtinental United States (CONUS). However, how can satellite products help NWS forecasters with satellite interpretation in Off … Continue reading

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GOES-11/MODIS channel differencing for icing hazard

J. Braun and Louis Grasso Figure 1: GOES-11 fog product for 8 UTC 2 March 2010. Identification of liquid water cloud layers that have temperatures below freezing is important for aviation safety. Brightness temperature differencing two channels may be used … Continue reading

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