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ALPW product for 26 April 2019 heavy rain / severe thunderstorm event

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Nighttime Fog Monitoring

Satellite fog monitoring during the nighttime can be a challenge since geostationary datasets are limited to infrared imagery. However, with the new GOES-16/17 and JPSS datasets users can employ polar-orbiting and geostationary imagery to identify and monitor areas of fog … Continue reading

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NCC monitoring severe weather during the nighttime

Monitoring severe weather during the nighttime can be challenging since GOES-16/17 is limited to infrared imagery during the overnight hours. In complement to geostationary data sets, polar-orbiting satellite data can be utilized, specifically the Near-Constant Contrast (NCC) product. For unfamiliar … Continue reading

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High Plains Snowstorm

A strong extratropical cyclone moved through the Rocky Mountains and western high plains over the course of 10 April 2019. The low-pressure system produced heavy precipitation in the forms of rain and snow, along with blustery winds. The system produced … Continue reading

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2-3 April 2019 East Coast Low – ALPW analysis

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