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21 November 2018 Snow Squall event in upstate New York

On 21 November 2018 a cold front moved through upstate New York with an associated band of heavier snow, as seen in this WSR-88D reflectivity image: Note the narrow region of higher reflectivities extending from near Syracuse northeastward.  This snowband … Continue reading

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Sea Ice Motion and VIIRS Spatial Resolutions

It’s nearing wintertime, and over the North and South Poles, sea ice accretion is occurring. Using RAMMB Slider, users can observe sea ice motion and sea ice breakup, via Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) instrument on-board the Suomi-National Polar-orbiting … Continue reading

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Alaskan Aurora

Early this morning, 5 November 2018, an aurora was visible over the state of Alaska. The aurora was large in areal extent and produced green hues over the Anchorage, AK night sky. A photo of the aurora can be seen, via … Continue reading

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