DNB: Ship Light Monitoring and Sea Ice Motion

The Day/Night Band (DNB) utilizes a sun/moon reflectance model that illuminates atmospheric features, and senses emitted and reflected light sources during the nighttime hours. The DNB is at 0.7um and is apart of 22 spectral channels on-board the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) satellite and the new NOAA-20 satellite.

In the DNB video below (using CIRA POLAR Slider) DNB is monitoring emitted ship lights in the East Siberian Sea, just northwest of Pevek, Russia. Refer to the yellow circle in the video. The ship appears to be moving to the east, traversing through the sea ice, over the course of four hours. Note, during this time period, the sea ice motion is moving to the north as well (i.e. refer to yellow arrow). Emitted town lights near Pevek, Russia and along the coast can be seen in the imagery as well.


For more information on DNB, refer to the following training material.

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