California (Alamo Fire)

The state of California had sufficient moisture over the winter where the Sierra Nevada Mountains tabulated record amounts of snowfall. However, as we have transitioned into the summer months of 2017, fires have been initiated in the southern and southwestern parts of California.

One fire to note is the Alamo Fire which is located just east of Santa Maria, California. For users that are not familiar with the area, Santa Maria is located approximately 170 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

As of 11 July 2017, the cause of the fire is still unknown and the fire has burned more than 28,000 acres. On a positive note, 45% of the fire has been contained so far.

Below is an animation of the Alamo Fire from 6-10 July 2017 via the Day/Night Band (DNB), that utilizes a sun/moon reflectance model that illuminates atmospheric features, senses emitted lights and assists with cloud monitoring during the nighttime. This is also a perfect time to check out DNB imagery since the moon just passed the full moon stage of the lunar cycle.  In the animation, the moon percent visibility and moon elevation angle are also provided. Click the image below and the animation will begin.


Also, here is an additional link using the CIRA RAMMB Slider which shows the Alamo Fire on 8 July 2017 via the GeoColor Product.

For further updates on the Alamo Fire keep tabs with the ‘Cal Fire’ state webpage.

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