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Severe thunderstorms over southwest Arkansas on 10 March 2010

Jeff Braun, Louie Grasso and Dan Lindsey Figure 1: GOES-12 10.7 µm on 10 March 2010 at 2115 UTC. Color table shows enhances temperatures in Celsius. On the afternoon of 10 March 2010, thunderstorms developed over northeast Texas. These storms … Continue reading

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MODIS Images: Lake Erie Ice Break-up and Ice Floe

Figure 1: March 3rd through March 8th 2010 (NexSat Project/Naval Research Laboratory) J. Braun Whew!  Hints at spring may finally be around the corner.  Cold Arctic winter temperatures through most of the beginning of this new year have kept much … Continue reading

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GOES-11/MODIS channel differencing for icing hazard

J. Braun and Louis Grasso Figure 1: GOES-11 fog product for 8 UTC 2 March 2010. Identification of liquid water cloud layers that have temperatures below freezing is important for aviation safety. Brightness temperature differencing two channels may be used … Continue reading

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GOES-R ABI smoke imagery for the Proving Ground

J. Braun, Louis Grasso and Don Hillger GOES-R ABI will have the ability to produce imagery at 0.47 µm (blue) and at 0.67 µm (red). Although GOES-R will be unable to produce any images at 0.555 µm (green), color imagery … Continue reading

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