The Summer Edition of ‘The Front’ – What’s New?


The June 2008 copy of The Front” newsletter highlights upcoming changes to the new Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) which is scheduled to go operational this November (2008).  See this site: for more information. 

And speaking of TAFs, want to know just what happens to those TAFs you write?  Just what do the Center Weather Service Units (CWSU)s, Air Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC)s, and the airports themselves do with those forecasts? Well, they turn them into valuable graphical displays that help reduce weather related airspace congestion, that’s what.  See the story starting on page three.  For a good “live” example, click here

Finally, this season’s newsletter ends with a bit of research coming from the Aviation Weather Center (AWC) regarding the prediction of thunderstorm movement throughout the seasons.  More than 27,000 Convective SIGMETs were analyzed for this study whose details begin on page ten.  Good way to categorize and address the “climatology” of thunderstorms in your area throughout the year. 

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