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QPF Bombs and Getting the Most Out of Your Model

J. Braun Above is an example of two model forecast runs (12 hours apart).  The main difference comes when looking at the QPF amounts generated over ERN ND and NWRN MN between the two model runs.  The later model run on the right is able to transport more moisture to the … Continue reading

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Hawaii, Up Close and Personal

Jeff Braun Look at the following three images from the TERRA (EOS AM-1) satellite and the plotted image from the QuickSCAT satellite (courtesy NASA TERRA project – and try to determine: 1. What is going on around the Big Island … Continue reading

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Central CONUS River Flooding – from CIMSS

This is some great stuff from the CIMSS bunch at the University of Wisconsin.  Read the following message sent March 21, 2008 and click the accompanying link to go to their satellite blog.     “MODIS images showing the extent of river flooding … Continue reading

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Highlights from the Dec. 11-12, 2007 “Review of the NCEP Production Suite” Conference

J. Braun Not to diminish the importance of the entire two day conference, this is just a “good parts,” slightly abridged review and link(s) to information concerning the NWP models from NCEP that we can use. “Progress on Future NCEP … Continue reading

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What Is Going On Here?

J. Braun Click here to go to a loop of a group of images from one of our GOES satellites (full disk). The loop is composed of an “enhanced” set of visible images so that dark (near black) stands … Continue reading

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