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First Hurricane Diagnostics and Verification Workshop

National Hurricane Center, Miami FL, 4-6 May, 2009
Organizers: Naomi Surgi, Mark DeMaria, Frank Marks, Richard J. Pasch

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together expertise in the hurricane research and operational communities in order to launch a concerted diagnostics activity to improve NHC's numerical guidance for track, intensity and structure. This activity is meant to provide important feedback to both operational model developers for near term transition into operations and to research modelers to develop useful methods for assessing forecast quality in various phases of model development. Observations from both satellite and in situ platforms and model verification are critical to assist this effort. Contributions from these communities are critical to the success of this effort.

The diagnostics workshop was held at NHC May 4-6, 2009 in conjunction with the HFIP High Resolution Hurricane Test Workshop on May 7-8, 2009.