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Rapid ice cover development over the eastern Great Lakes in late January 2019

An Arctic outbreak occurred in late January 2019 over the Great Lakes which caused not only lake-effect snowfall but a rapid increase in ice coverage across the lakes, particularly over shallower lakes. First, we’ll look at GOES-16 imagery prior to … Continue reading

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Dry…but not THAT dry!

The GOES-16 water vapor imagery for all 3 channels showed a narrow band of very warm brightness temperatures (implying sinking air and a dry atmosphere) on Friday morning (1502 UTC) 9 Feb 2018. This narrow zone of sinking air is … Continue reading

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Lots of smoke moving south – a comparison of GeoColor with other bands for smoke visualization on 1 Aug 2017

The GOES-16 data posted on this page are preliminary, non-operational data and are undergoing testing.  Users bear all responsibility for inspecting the data prior to use and for the manner in which the data are utilized. Fires have been burning … Continue reading

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Challenging forecast for Colorado mountains snow event of 5 December 2016

On 5 December 2016, a significant storm was approaching the mountains of Colorado with various NWS winter weather watches/warnings posted for 6 December.  This snow event on 5 December occurred ahead of the storm in what looked like drying conditions … Continue reading

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Himawari imagery of 924 mb low in the Pacific

At 0600 UTC 13 December 2015, the NOAA Ocean Prediction Center analyzed a 924 mb surface low in the north Pacific in the vicinity of the western Aleutian islands: The analyzed minimum central pressure of 924 mb ties the record … Continue reading

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Himawari-8 True Color / Geocolor product

CIRA now provides Himawari-8 daytime true color imagery and nighttime geocolor imagery: The example above begins at 0230 UTC 12 November 2015 with most of the scene in daylight, therefore true color imagery is shown.  The CIRA Hybrid Atmospherically … Continue reading

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Fog and Low Clouds in Eastern Colorado as seen with GeoColor and Day Night Band NPP VIIRS imagery on 20 Dec 2013

The Suomi NPP VIIRS Day/Night Band (DNB), which can use moonlight to produce visible-light imagery during the nighttime, offers a unique capability that is slated to continue on the JPSS constellation concurrent to the GOES-R era.  This presents intriguing potential … Continue reading

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