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Weather and Climate Themes
on Banknotes and Coins

Below is a checklist of Weather and climate themes on numismatic items (banknotes and coins). Catalog numbers, denominations, years of issue, and notes on the items featured are given when available. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the authors using the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

A large number of additional banknotes and coins (not shown here) have been issued for the (4th) International Polar Year (IPY).

CountryCatalog NumberDenominationYear of IssueNotes on Content
Weather and Climate Themes on Banknotes and Coins
AjmanKM275 riyals (silver coin)1971"Save Venice" (from flooding)
AjmanKM3625 riyals (gold coin)
AjmanKM3950 riyals (gold coin)
AjmanKM40100 riyals (gold coin)
AntarcticaP6$100. (banknote), also back1996Ozone measured by Nimbus-7
AntarcticaP13$100. (banknote), also back2001Ozone measured by Nimbus-7
AntarcticaP13s$100. (banknote) overprinted "specimen", also back2009
AntarcticaP-unknown$50. (banknote), also back2010Marine storm
AustraliaKM-unknown$1. (silver coin)2015"Of droughts and flooding rains"
Australian Antarctic TerritoryKM1081$5. (silver coin)2009"Aurora Australis"; also IPY logo
BhutanKM69300 ngultrum (silver coin)1994Rain forest: clouds, rain falling, snow falling
CanadaKM382+KM382a25 cents (nickel and silver coins) reverse2000Natural legacy: cloud, rain falling
CanadaP101 back$5. (banknote), also front, also detail2002Snowflake
CanadaP105$100. (banknote) back, also front2004Climate map: principal climatic regions of Canada
CanadaKM654$1. (silver coin) reverse2006Snowflake
CanadaKM737 obverse$20. (silver coin) obverse, also reverse2007IPY logo
CanadaP101A back$5. (banknote), also front, also detail2006Snowflake
CanadaKM1863$20. (silver coin) reverse, also obverse2015SS Edmund Fitzgerald in the storm that sank it in Lake Superior on 9 November 1975
CanadaKM-unknown$20. (silver coin)2015Lightning
CanadaKM-unknown$3. (silver coin) reverse, also obverse2017(three) snowflakes
CanadaKM-unknown1$2. (bi-metal coin) reverse, also obverse2017Aurora
CanadaKM-unknown2$2. glow-in-the-dark (bi-metal coin) reverse, also obverse
CanadaKM-unknown3$10. (silver coin) reverse, also obverse
CanadaKM-unknown1$5. (silver coin) reverse, also obverse2018Aurora
CanadaKM-unknown1 folderFolder, also back
CanadaKM-unknown2$5. (silver coin) reverse, also obverse
CanadaKM-unknown2 folderFolder, also back
Cook IslandsKM1374$5. (silver coin) reverse, also obverse2011"Hedgehog in a fog" (in Cyrillic text)
Cook IslandsKM-unknown$5. (silver coin) reverse, also obverse2012Rain falling
FranceKM14420.25 euro (silver coin)2006Thunderstorm, lightning, and rain falling
NorwayP48200 kroner (banknote), also back1994Snowflakes
NorwayP50200 kroner (banknote), also back2002Snowflakes
PalauKM465$2. (silver coin) reverse, also obverse2015Noah and rain falling
RussiaY1081100 roubles (silver coin)2007Weather balloon
SwitzerlandKM10420 francs (silver coin)2003Snow falling
SwitzerlandKM-unknown20 francs (silver coin), also obverse2019Space weather

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