Stevenson screen

Stevenson Screens
(Weather Instrument Shelters)

Below is a checklist of Stevenson screens (weather instrument shelters) on postal items (stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.). Catalog numbers, years of issue, and notes on the items featured are given when available. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

A Stevenson screen (also known as an instrument shelter) is a meteorological screen to shield instruments against precipitation and direct heat radiation from outside sources, while still allowing air to circulate freely around them. It forms part of a standard weather station. The screen creates, as near possible, a uniform environment in relation to the air outside, and is used to shelter various types of temperature and humidity measuring instruments. The smallest screens contain a dry bulb thermometer and a wet bulb thermometer. Larger screens also include minimum and maximum thermometers. Still-larger screens can contain recording instruments: a thermograph and/or a hygrograph, or a thermohygrograph which combines the functions of those two instruments.

The Stevenson screen was designed by Thomas Stevenson (1818-1887), a British civil engineer and father of the author Robert Louis Stevenson. All screens should be installed so that the sensitive parts of all sensors are at the same level, at 1.5 m above the ground. Exceptions to this may be made in an area subject to accumulations of snow. The shelter should be movable or, if this is impractical, be mounted at a level above the highest expected accumulation of snow for that location. Meteorological screens that do not fit the specifications for Stevenson screens (directly above) are identified below as instrument shelters.

Items that represent traditional land observing sites with multiple instruments (in an open area not too close to any buildings or trees or other obstacles, with at least one Stevenson screen and at least one other type of instrument) are highlighted in pale yellow in the table below.

CountryCatalog NumberType of ItemYear of IssueNotes on Content
Stevenson screens (weather instrument shelters)
Afghanistan647 (Mi766)1963(two) Stevenson screen(s)
Afghanistan650 (Mi769)Imperforate
AfghanistanC47 (Mi771A)
iC47 (Mi771B)

AfghanistanC49 (Mi773)
Afghanistan649+C48-C49 fdcOne of three stamps on FDC (C.E. Junior III cachet)
Afghanistan1360 (Mi1644)1989Stevenson screen, door open
Albania1208 (Mi1336)1969Stevenson screen
Albania1208-1210 fdcOne of three stamps on FDC
Algeria351 (Mi451)

1966Stevenson screen
Algeria351 fdc1Stamp on FDC (Alger cancel)
Algeria351 fdc2Stamp on FDC (Oran cancel)
Algeria351 fdc3Stamp on FDC (different)
Algeria351 fdc4Stamp on FDC (Éditions J.F. cachet)
Algeria351 dsDeluxe sheet (351)
Argentina1306 (Mi1509)1981Stevenson screen
ArgentinaNoneCachet on cover1984Stevenson screen
ArgentinaNoneCachet on cover1988Stevenson screen
ArgentinaNoneCachet (same) on cover (different)1988Stevenson screen
Argentina2272b (Mi2674)One of MS2 (2272 (a-b)) (Mi2673-2674, BL82)2004(four small) Stevenson screen(s)
ArgentinaNoneCancel on cover2011Small instrument shelter for temperature and humidity sensors on autostation
Austria1169 (Mi1660)1980Stevenson screen
Austria1169 fdc1Stamp on FDC
Austria1169 fdc2Stamp and cachet on FDC
Austria1169 fdc3Stamp and cachet (same) on FDC (different)
Austria1169 fdc4Stamp on FDC
Austria1169 fdc5Stamp on FDC (different)
Austria1169 fdc6Stamp on FDC (different)
Austria1169 fdc7Stamp on FDC (different)
Austria1169 fdc8Stamp on FDC (different)
Austria1169 fdc9Stamp on FDC (different)
Austria1169 scSouvenir card
Australian Antarctic TerritoryL102 (Mi111)1997Stevenson screen
Australian Antarctic TerritoryL102 maxiMaxicard, also back
Australian Antarctic TerritoryL173 (Mi?)One of MS5 (L176b (L172-L197))2013Stevenson screen with a wind vane mounted on it and expedition meteorologist Cecil Madigan attending to it (in the stamp). Madigan is also seen in the maxicard in front of the rocky base supporting the rotating-cup anemometer. The stamp and maxicard images are from photographs taken by Frank Hurley at the Cape Denison base of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition2)
Australian Antarctic TerritoryL173 maxiMaxicard
Australian Antarctic TerritoryL174a+L176a fdc1One of set of 5 on FDC(As above)
Australian Antarctic TerritoryL174a+L176a fdc2One of set of 5 on FDC (different), also back
Australian Antarctic TerritoryL176b fdc1MS5 on FDC (blank/no cachet)
Australian Antarctic TerritoryL176b fdc2MS5 on FDC (WCS cachet)
Australian Antarctic TerritoryL172-L176 packStamp pack interior, also exterior
BelgiumNoneCachet on cover2010(multiple) Stevenson screen(s)
Belgium2655 (Mi?)In (right) margin of MS5 (2655 (a-e))2013Stevenson screen
Belgium2655 changedMS5 (2655 (a-e)) with changed colors (when above 25°C in strip of 4 (2655f) and also in lower-left margin); see also hot-and-cold animation
British Antarctic Territory319 (Mi321)2002Stevenson screen, door open
British Antarctic Territory321 (Mi323)Four Stevenson screens on spars between two rock cairns near Omond house (at the right of the stamp - a closeup view of these screens is found in Argentina 2272b
British Antarctic Territory426f (Mi534)One of MS8 (426 (a-h)) (Mi529-536)2010Stevenson screen
British Antarctic Territory431c (Mi471)One of MS4 (431 (a-d)) (BL19, Mi469-472)2011Stevenson screen
British Antarctic Territory432b (Mi?)One of MS4 (432 (a-d))
BulgariaNonePrinted stamp on (un-canceled) postal card2020Stevenson screen
Canada479 fdc (Mi420 fdc)(H&E) cachet on FDC1968Stevenson screen, cross-sectional view
Canada1287 fdc1 (Mi1196 fdc1)(?) cachet on FDC1990Stevenson screen, door open
Canada1287 fdc2 (Mi1196 fdc2)(?) cachet (and signatures) on FDC, also English insert and French insert
Chad227 (Mi305)1970Stevenson screen, door open
Chad227 dsDeluxe sheet (227)
Chad227 fdcStamp and (printed) cachet on FDC
Chad227 proof1Signed proof (orange)
Chad227 proof2Signed proof (green)
Chad227 proof3Signed proof (grey)
Chad227 proofsColor proof strip
China (People's Republic)367-369 fdc (Mi395-397 fdc)(Pictorial) cancel on FDC (China Philatelic Company cachet), also back1958Stevenson screen
China (People's Republic)484 (Mi512)1960Stevenson screen
China (People's Republic)1384 (Mi1394)1978Stevenson screens (on two stamps and on cachet)
China (People's Republic)1387 (Mi1396)
China (People's Republic)1384-1388 fdcTwo of five stamps and cachet on FDC
China (People's Republic)1516 (Mi1525)1979Stevenson screen, door open
China (People's Republic)NonePostal card2002Stevenson screen
China (People's Republic)NonePostal card (different)2002(multiple) Stevenson screen(s)
China (People's Republic)NonePostal card2003(three) Stevenson screen(s)
China (People's Republic)NonePostal card2004(three) Stevenson screen(s)
China (People's Republic)NonePostal card2006(three) Stevenson screen(s)
China (People's Republic)NoneCancel on postal card2006Stevenson screen
China (People's Republic)NonePostal card2007(three) Stevenson screen(s)
China (People's Republic)NoneCancel on postal card2007Stevenson screen
China (People's Republic)NoneCachet on postal card2007Stevenson screen
China (People's Republic)NoneLetter sheet back, also front2007(multiple) Stevenson screen(s)
China (People's Republic)NonePostal card (different)2007(multiple) Stevenson screen(s)
China (People's Republic)NoneLettercard2008Stevenson screen
China (People's Republic)NonePostal card back, also front2009Stevenson screen
China (People's Republic)NonePostal card2009(multiple) Stevenson screen(s)
China (People's Republic)NonePostal card2011(multiple) Stevenson screen(s)
China (People's Republic)NoneCancel on WMD postal card2012Stevenson screen
China (Taiwan)1651 (Mi766)1970Stevenson screen
China (Taiwan)1651 specimenOverprinted with bars through face value
China (Taiwan)1651-1652 fdc1One of two stamps on FDC (Taipei cancel)
China (Taiwan)1651-1652 fdc2One of two stamps on FDC (Taipei, Taiwan cancel)
China (Taiwan)3574k_2 label6 (Mi2986-2995 label6)Labels from MS10 (3574k_2 (a-j + 7 labels))2004Stevenson screen at Yu-Shan weather observatory (Taiwan)
China (Taiwan)3574k_2 label7 (Mi2986-2995 label6)Stevenson screen at Lan-Yu Island weather observatory (on a small island to the southeast of Taiwan)
CroatiaNoneCachet on WMD cover1992Stevenson screen
CroatiaNoneCancel on WMD cover1994Stevenson screen
CroatiaNone(One of two) cancels and cachet on WMD cover1994Stevenson screen
CroatiaNoneCancel and cachet on WMD cover1994Stevenson screen
CroatiaNoneCachet (same) on WMD cover (different)1994Stevenson screen
CroatiaNoneCancel (same) on WMD cover (different)1994Stevenson screen
CroatiaNoneCancel (same) on WMD cover (different)1994Stevenson screen
CroatiaNone(Slogan) cancel and cachet on WMD cover2001Small screen (in cancel); Stevenson screen (in cachet)
Croatia513b fdc (Mi637 fdc)Cancel on FDC2003Instrument shelter, round
Cuba1591 (Mi1665)1971Stevenson screen
Cuba1589-1592 fdcOne of four stamps on FDC
Falkland Islands Dependencies1L50 (Mi90)1980(two) Stevenson screen(s)
Falkland Islands Dependencies1L50 reissue (Mi90 type2)1L50 reissued19841(two) Stevenson screen(s)
Falkland Islands Dependencies1L50a (Mi90Y)1L50 changed watermark1985(two) Stevenson screen(s)
French Southern and Antarctic TerritoriesNone(Annotated) cachet on cover1986Stevenson screen
French Southern and Antarctic Territories188 maxi (Mi311 maxi)Photo on maxicard1993Stevenson screen
French Southern and Antarctic Territories231 (Mi368)1997Instrument shelter (at upper-left, and possibly another near the center)
French Southern and Antarctic Territories257k (Mi410)On stamp and in (right) margin of SS1 from souvenir booklet of 12 (257 (a-l)) with booklet cover and back, also detail1999Stevenson screen
French Southern and Antarctic TerritoriesNoneCachet (same design as 257k) on cover, also detail2000Stevenson screen
French Southern and Antarctic TerritoriesNone(Black rubber-stamp) cachet on cover2009Stevenson screen
French Southern and Antarctic TerritoriesUnknown cover (Mi? cover)(Blue rubber-stamp) cachet (and signature) on cover2017Stevenson screen
Germany (East)NoneCancel on cover1963Stevenson screen
Germany (East)1362 fdc (BL34 fdc)Cancel and cachet on FDC1972Stevenson screen
Germany (East)1362 cover (BL34 cover)Cancel (similar, but not FDC date) and cachet (same) on cover
Germany (East)1363 fdc1 (BL35 fdc1)Cancel (same) and cachet on FDC (pictorial cancel)
Germany (East)1363 fdc2 (BL35 fdc2)Cachet (same) on FDC (text cancel)
Germany (East)1364 fdc1 (BL36 fdc1)Cancel (same) and cachet on FDC (pictorial cancel)
Germany (East)1364 fdc2 (BL36 fdc2)Cachet (same) on FDC (text cancel)
Germany (East)2091 cover (Mi2495 cover)Cachet on cover1980Stevenson screen
Germany (East)1998 cover (Mi? cover)(Printed) cachet on cover1990Stevenson screen
GermanyNoneCancel2008Stevenson screen
Gilbert and Ellice Islands218 (Mi213)1973Stevenson screen, door open
Gilbert and Ellice Islands219 (Mi214)
Gilbert and Ellice Islands218-221 fdcTwo of four stamps on FDC
Greenland475a (BL?)SS12006Stevenson screen
Greenland475a folderFolder inside, also front and back
Greenland803 (Mi814)2019Stevenson screen
Greenland803 fdcStamp on FDC (Greenland Post cachet)
Hungary2019 fdc (Mi2580A fdc)
i2019 fdc (Mi2580B fdc)
Cancel on FDC
Cancel on imperforate-stamped FDC
1970Instrument shelter
India708 (Mi662)1975Two small instrument shelters for temperature and humidity sensors in autostation
India708 fdcStamp and cachet on FDC
India708 folder1FDC folder (Calcutta cancel)
India708 folder2FDC folder (New Delhi cancel)
India708 folder3FDC folder (Trivandrum cancel)
India1284 fdc1 (Mi1225 fdc1)(Department of Posts) cachet on FDC (Calcutta cancel), also back1989Stevenson screen (in the background at the right)
India1284 fdc2 (Mi1225 fdc2)(Department of Posts) cachet on FDC (New Delhi cancel)
Iran1285 (Mi1210)1964Stevenson screen
Ivory Coast213 (Mi266)1964Stevenson screen
Ivory Coast213 fdc1Stamp and (Éditions So.Ge.Im.) cachet (same design as stamp) on FDC
Ivory Coast213 fdc2Stamp on FDC (Éditions J.F. cachet)
Ivory Coast213 fdc3Stamp on FDC (PJ cachet)
Jersey (Great Britain)294 (Mi287)One of booklet pane of 4 (294a (2x (293-294))) with booklet cover1982Stevenson screen
Jersey (Great Britain)294 fdcStamp on FDOI postcard
Jersey (Great Britain)289-294 fdcOne of six stamps on FDC
Jersey (Great Britain)1300 (Mi1331)2008Stevenson screen
Jersey (Great Britain)1297-1301 fdcOne of five stamps on FDC, also back
Jersey (Great Britain)1299a (BL?)In (lower) margin of MS10 (10x 1299)
Korea (North)3730 (Mi4032)Two of MS4 (2x 3730+2x 3731)1998Stevenson screen
LaosC108 (Mi368)
See detail1973Stevenson screen
LaosC108 dsDeluxe sheet (C108)
LaosC108 imsImperforate MS4
LaosC108-C109 fdcOne of two stamps on FDC
Malagasy RepublicC116 (Mi696)1973Stevenson screen
Malagasy RepublicC116 fdcStamp and cachet on FDC
Mozambique1105 (Mi1187)1989Stevenson screen, door open
Namibia691 (Mi699)1991Stevenson screen (upside-down reflection in sunshine recorder / heliograph)
Namibia692 (Mi700)Stevenson screen, door open
Namibia693 (Mi701)Stevenson screen
Namibia690-693 fdc1Three of four stamps on FDC (Namibia PT cachet), also insert(As above)
Namibia690-693 fdc2Three of four stamps on FDC (Namibia silk cachet)
New Zealand794 (Mi892)1984Stevenson screen, door open
New Zealand791-794 fdcOne of four stamps on FDC
New Zealand794 fdcStamp on FDC (Benham cachet)
New Zealand794a (Mi889-892)MS4 (791-794)
New Zealand794a cover1MS4 on cover1985Stevenson screen, door open
New Zealand794a cover2MS4 on cover (different)
Nigeria708 (Mi709)2000Stevenson screen
NorwayNonePostcard200x(multiple) Stevenson screen(s)
Norway1889 (Mi2014)2020Stevenson screen
Norway1889 maxiMaxicard
Panama457D (Mi782)1964(three) Stevenson screen(s), elevated more than usual
Panama457D specimenOverprinted "specimen"
Portugal1113 (Mi1146)1971Stevenson screen
Portugal1113 fdcStamp on FDC
Portugal1113-1115 fdcOne of three stamps on FDC
RomaniaNoneCachet on stamped envelope1984(two) Stevenson screen(s)
RomaniaNoneCachet on stamped envelope1984Stevenson screen (upside-down reflection in sunshine recorder / heliograph)
RomaniaNoneCachet on stamped envelope1984(three) Stevenson screen(s)
RomaniaNoneCachet on postcard2007Stevenson screen
RomaniaNoneCachet on postcard2007Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)1765 (Mi1791)1955(two) Stevenson screen(s)
Russia (USSR)1766 (Mi1792)
Russia (USSR)NonePostal card1955Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)C97 (Mi1833)1956(three) Stevenson screen(s)
Russia (USSR)1766 cover (Mi1792 cover)Stamp on cover1959(two) Stevenson screen(s)
Russia (USSR)None(New Year) greeting card, also back1959Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)2495 (Mi2500)1961Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NonePostal card (reverse)1961(two) Stevenson screen(s)
Russia (USSR)None(One of four rubber-stamp) cachets on stamped envelope~1961(multiple) Stevenson screen(s)
Russia (USSR)NoneCachet on stamped envelope1962(two) Stevenson screen(s)
Russia (USSR)NoneCachet on stamped envelope1963Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)3110 (Mi3129)1965Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NoneCachet on stamped envelope1968Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)3860 cover (Mi3891 cover)Cachet on cover1971Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NoneCachet on cover1971Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NoneCachet on stamped envelope1976Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NoneCachet on cover1981Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NoneCachet on stamped envelope1985Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NoneCachet (same) on stamped envelope (different cancel)1985Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NoneCachet (same) on stamped envelope (different cancel)1985Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NoneCachet on stamped envelope (different)1985Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NoneCancel on stamped envelope1986Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NonePostal card1987(two) Stevenson screen(s)
Russia (USSR)NoneCancel on postal card1987Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NoneCachet on stamped envelope, also detail1987Small instrument shelter
Russia (USSR)None(Red rubber-stamp) cachet on cover1987
Russia (USSR)NoneCancel on stamped envelope1989Stevenson screen
RussiaNone(Blue rubber-stamp) cachet on cover; also same violet cachet1991Stevenson screen
RussiaNoneCancel on cover, also detail with arrow1992(possible) Stevenson screen
Russia (USSR)NoneCachet on cover1994(two) Stevenson screen(s)
RussiaNoneCachet on cover, also detail with arrow1999Stevenson screen
RussiaNone(Blue rubber-stamp) cachet on cover2002Stevenson screen
RussiaNone(Blue rubber-stamp) cachet (same) on cover2002Steveson screen
RussiaNoneStamp on (1977) stamped envelope, also detail2007Stevenson screen
RussiaNone(Round purple) cachet on cover2007Stevenson screen
RussiaNone(two) cachets on cover2007Stevenson screens at Cape Chelyuskin Hydrometeorological Centre
Russia7140 cachet (Mi1549 cachet)(Green rubber-stamp) cachet on 7140 fdc, or on 7140a fdc2009(four) Stevenson screen(s)
Russia7189 (Mi?)2009Stevenson screen
Russia7189 fdcStamp on FDC
Russia7206 (Mi?)From MS6 (7206a (6x 7206))2010Stevenson screen
Russia7206 fdcStamp on FDC
Russia7206 cover (Mi? cover)Stamp on cover2011Stevenson screen
Saudi Arabia456 (Mi389)1967Stevenson screen
Saudi Arabia457 (Mi390)
Saudi Arabia458 (Mi391)
Saudi Arabia459 (Mi392)
Saudi Arabia460 (Mi393)
Saudi Arabia456-460 fdcFive stamps on FDC
Saudi Arabia670 (Mi573)1975Stevenson screen
Senegal1441 (Mi1952)

2000Stevenson screen, door open
Senegal1441 dsDeluxe sheet (1441)
South Africa610-613 fdc1 (Mi626-629 fdc1)Cancel on FDC1983Stevenson screen, door open
South Africa610-613 fdc2 (Mi626-629 fdc2)(Pictorial) cancel (same) on FDC (different)
South Africa613 maxi1 (Mi629 maxi1)(Pictorial) cancel on maxicard
South Africa613 maxi2 (Mi629 maxi2)(Pictorial) cancel on maxicard (different), also back
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands125 (Mi166)1987Stevenson screen
Sweden1002 (Mi807)One of strip of 2 (1002a (1001-1002))1973Stevenson screen, door open
Sweden1002a fdc1One of two stamps on FDC
Sweden1002a fdc2One of two stamps on FDC (different)
Sweden1002a fdc3One of two stamps on FDC (different), also insert
Tristan da Cunha564 (Mi577)1995Stevenson screen
Tristan da CunhaLocal?Stevenson screen
Uganda1194 (Mi1326)1994Stevenson screen
Uganda1195 (Mi1327)Stevenson screen
Uganda1197 (Mi1328)Stevenson screen, door open
United Nations188-189 fdc (Mi204-205 fdc)(ArtCraft) cachet on FDC1968Stevenson screen
United StatesNonePostcard~1920Stevenson screen
Upper Volta95 (Mi99)1962Instrument shelter, door open
Upper Volta95 dsDeluxe sheet (95)
Upper Volta95 fdc1Stamp on FDC (Éditions cachet)
Upper Volta95 fdc2Stamp on FDC (Éditions J.F. cachet)
Vanuatu565 (Mi889)1992Stevenson screen
Vanuatu565-568 fdcOne of four stamps on FDC
Vietnam2338 (Mi2413)

1992(two) Stevenson screen(s)
Vietnam2338-2339 fdcOne of two stamps on FDC

1The issue date for Falkland Islands Dependencies 1L50 reissue is 1984, in spite of the "1985" on lower edge of the item.
2The Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE), led by Douglas Mawson, was based at Cape Denison in Commonwealth Bay. Scientific measurements and exploration of the area by coastal and inland sledging journeys were carried out in 1912 and 1913. Commonwealth Bay is possibly the windiest coastal location on Earth, because of its physical morphology: the long steep slope that leads down from the high Antarctic plateau to the Bay at sea level is favourable for the formation of violent katabatic (downslope) winds that can create blizzards if there is fresh snow available to lift into the air. One main goal of the expedition was to make scientific measurements in various disciplines. A program of meteorological and magnetic measurements was carried out at Cape Denison. Cecil Madigan was the expedition meteorologist.

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