Below is a checklist of (Selected) Rainbow postal items (stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.). Catalog numbers, years of issue, and notes on the items featured are given when available. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

Included are items that also refer to an independent meteorological topic or that the authors find interesting because of their design or characteristics. Unlike most of our web pages, no attempt is made to be complete in this page.

Below is a list of Rainbows on postal items (stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.).

CountryCatalog NumberType of ItemYear of IssueNotes on Content
(Selected) philatelic items depicting or referring to rainbows (following the criteria mentioned above). No attempt is made to be complete.
(Selected) Rainbows
Algeria1323 (Mi?)2004
Antigua and Barbuda3283b (Mi?)One of MS4 (3283 (a-d))2015
Bangladesh409 (Mi416)1992Also World Environment Day
BeninUnknown c (Mi?)One of MS4 (a-d)2018Landscape with Rainbow, painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi
BeninUnknown a-d fdcBlock of 4 stamps (from MS4) on FDC
BhutanKM69300 ngultrum (silver coin)1994
Bolivia1223 (Mi?)2004
Bosnia (Serb Admin.)516+label (Mi?+label)From MS8 (516a (8x 516 + label))2015Spectrum of light, like a rainbow
Bosnia (Serb Admin.)516 fdcStamp on FDC
Bulgaria3534 (Mi?)1990
Canada1287 (Mi1195)1990Also towering cumulus (TCU) cloud and a weather observation displayed with the standard plotting model used in weather maps
Canada1287 fdc1Stamp on FDC (Canada Post Corp. cachet)
Canada1287 fdc2Stamp on FDC (? cachet)
Canada1287 fdc3Stamp on FDC (? cachet, same, and signatures), also English insert and French insert
Canada1287 fdc4Stamp on FDC (Colorano silk cachet)
Canada2838b (Mi3263)From MS5 (2838 (a-e + label)) (BL215, Mi3262-3266)2015Double rainbow
Canada2838 fdcMS5 on FDC, also back
Canada2838 sheetPress sheet (containing 6x MS5)(As above for stamps); double rainbow (in background and lower margin)
Canada2842 (Mi3270)Two of self-adhesive booklet of 10 (2843a (2x (2839-2843))) (Mi3267-3271, MH0-553), with outside(As above)
ChileC44 (Mi213a)1935
ChileC44a (Mi213b)1939
ChileC45 (Mi214)1935
ChileC46 (Mi215)1934
ChileC66 (Mi280)1941
ChileC121 (Mi281)1948
ChileC135 (Mi448)1954
China (People's Republic)1650 (Mi?)1980
China (People's Republic)NonePrinted stamp on postal card1999
China (People's Republic)4281 (Mi?)From MS6 (4281a (6x 4281)), or from MS16 (4281b (16x 4281))2015
China (People's Republic)4281 fdcStamp on FDC, also back
CroatiaNone(Main) cachet on postal card2013
CubaC22 (Mi?)1936
Czechoslovakia2506+label (Mi2761+label)On stamp1984
Dominican Republic1499 (Mi?)2011
Dominican Republic1499-1500 fdcOne of two stamps on FDC
FranceC19 (Mi749)1946Rainbow and rainbow goddess Iris
French PolynesiaC112 (Mi?)1975
Germany1830 (Mi1733)1994Spectrum of visible light (a rainbow is also an example of such a spectrum)
Germany1830 fdcStamp and (?) cachet on FDC
Germany1884 (Mi1785)From MS10 (1884a (10x 1884))1995Also climate meeting UNFCCC - COP-1
Germany1884 blockBlock of 4 stamps and (pictorial) cancel
Germany1884 fdc1Stamp on FDC (ETABO cachet)
Germany1884 fdc2Stamp on FDC (? cachet)
Germany1884 fdc3Stamp on FDC (FIDACOS cachet)
Germany1884 fdc4Stamp on FDC (blank/no cachet)
Germany1884 folderFDC folder
Germany1884 maxiMaxicard
Germany1884 cover (Mi1785 cover)Block of 4 stamps and cachet on cover1995
Germany2090 card (Mi2127 card)(Deutsche Post) FDC art card, and back; also detail62000rainbow (in detail6)
GermanyB966 fdc (Mi2508 fdc)(Deutsche Post) cachet on FDC2006
GermanyB1010 (Mi2707)2009
GermanyB1010-1013 fdcOne of four stamps and cachet on FDC
Germany3080 (Mi3442)From MS10 (3080a (10x 3080))2019"Regenbogenfragment" (short part of a full rainbow)
Germany3080-3081 fdcOne of two stamps and (Deutsche Post) cachet on FDC
Germany3083 (Mi3446)Self-adhesive, from booklet pane of 20 3083a (10x (3082-3083)) (Mi3445-3446)
Germany3223 (Mi3613)From MS10 (3223a (10x 3323))2021
Germany3223-3324 fdcOne of two stamps on FDC
Germany3223-3224 sheetMinisterial sheet page1, also page2 and page3
Germany3225 (Mi3617)Self-adhesive, from booklet of 10 (3225a (10x 3325)) (Mi Folienblatt 107)
Germany3225 fdcStamp on FDC
Great Britain1963-1966 fdc1 (Mi1924-1927 fdc1)One of four stamps and (A.G. Bradbury Leicester) cachet on FDC2001
Great Britain1963-1966 fdc2 (Mi1924-1927 fdc2)One of four stamps and (A.G. Bradbury Leicester) cachet on FDC (with signature)
Great Britain1963-1966 fdc3 (Mi1924-1927 fdc3)One of four stamps and (A.G. Bradbury Leicester) cachet on FDC (with signature, different)
Great Britain2317 ms (Mi2341 ms)In (upper-left) margin of MS10 (10x 2317 + 10 labels)2010
GreeceC23 (Mi?)1935Rainbow and rainbow goddess Iris
GreeceC32 (Mi375)1937Rainbow and rainbow goddess Iris
GreeceC32_var (Mi375x?)Color and/or paper variation
Greece668 (Mi?)1960
Grenada493 (Mi519)1973Also Centenary of World Meteor. Organization (WMO); weather balloon; rainbow goddess Iris
Grenada2590 (BL441)In (upper) margin of SS1 (Mi3332)1996
Hong KongUnknown 1 (Mi?)2014Primary rainbow and (faint) secondary rainbow
Hong KongUnknown 1-6 fdcOne of six stamps and (pictorial) cancel on FDC
IndiaUnknown 2 (Mi?)2006
IndiaUnknown fdcOne of two stamps on FDC
IndiaUnknown ms (Mi?)MS2 (a-b)
IndiaUnknown fdcMS2 on FDC
IndiaUnknown brochureBrochure
IndonesiaUnknown ss (BL?)SS12017
Iran1721 (Mi1644)1973Double rainbow; also Centenary of World Meteor. Organization (WMO)
Israel398+tab (Mi453+tab)Stamp and tab1969"And the bow is seen in the clouds"
IsraelNonePrinted stamp and cachet on stamped envelope1994
ItalyB47 (Mi2357)1995Also surcharge for flood relief
Israel496+tab (Mi563+tab)1972
Israel496+tab fdc1Stamp on FDC
Israel496+tab fdc2Stamp on FDC (with additional content)
Israel736+tab (Mi?+tab)1979
Israel1712 (BL77)MS6 (1712 (a-f)) (Mi1948-1953)2007Also Noah's Ark
Israel1712 bookletBooklet (of ? stamps)
Israel1712 essayEssay (smaller face value)
Israel1712 fdcMS6 and (pictorial) cancel and cachet on FDC
Israel1712a-c fdcThree of MS6 and (pictorial) cancel and cachet on FDC
Israel1712 bookletExhibition booklet, also back2008Also Noah's Ark
Israel1712_sa p00 (Mi1994-1999)Prestige booklet with serpentine-cut self-adhesive stamps (2x (1712a-f)), front (p.00)2008Also Noah's Ark
Japan459 fdc1 (Mi451 fdc1)(Red pictorial) cancel on FDC1949
Japan459 fdc2 (Mi451 fdc2)(Red pictorial) cancel on FDC, also back
JapanNone(Red pictorial) cancel on cover1949
Japan699 (Mi731)1960
Japan1327 (Mi1355)1978
Japan1327 maxiMaxicard
JapanNone(Multi-color printed) cachet on advertising postal card1982
JapanZ143 (Mi2218)1994
JapanZ143aBooklet pane of 10
JapanZ143a_stamps fdcTwo stamps from booklet pane and (multi-color printed) cachet on FDC
JapanNonePrinted stamp on postal card1996
Japan2716 (Mi?)1999
Japan2933c (Mi3873)One of MS10 (2933 (a-j))2005
Korea (South)1977b (Mi2148)One of MS6 (1977 (a-f)) (BL691, Mi2147-2152)2001
Korea (South)None(Multi-color printed) cachet on postal card2016
Liechtenstein1397 (Mi1464)2007
Liechtenstein1397-1399 fdcOne of three stamps on FDC
MadagascarUnknown a (Mi?)One of MS3 (a-c)2015Le Cimetičre juif, painting by Jacob van Ruisdael
Malaysia732 (BL?)In (upper-right) margin of SS11999
MaltaNoneLower of two printed stamps on postal card1995
Micronesia176 (Mi?)One of block of 4 (176a (173-176))1993
Micronesia198b (Mi?)One of block of 4 (198 (a-d)); stamps-on-stamp: 176a1994
Mongolia1039 (Mi?)1978Melancholy by Dürer
Mongolia1148 (Mi1749)1980
Netherlands509 (Mi1016)1973Also Centenary of World Meteor. Organization (WMO)
Netherlands509 folderFDC folder, also inside
Netherlands508-509 fdcOne of two stamps on FDC
Netherlands506-509 fdcOne of four stamps on FDC
Netherlands731 (Mi1345)1988Spectrum of visible light (a rainbow is also an example of such a spectrum)
Netherlands1165 (Mi2193)From pair (1166a (1165-1166)), or from MS10 (1166b (5x (1165-1166)))2004
Netherlands1166 (Mi2194)
Netherlands1165-1166 fdcTwo stamps on FDC (NVPH cachet)
Netherlands1429 personalized (Mi? personalized)Personalized postage2013
Nigeria312 essay (Mi294 essay)Essay1973Also Centenary of World Meteor. Organization (WMO)
Niue844 (Mi?)2009
Niue846a (BL?)On one of MS6 (841-846)
PalauKM-unknown$5. (silver coin) obverse, also reverse and case2014"Rainbow's end"
Poland154 (Mi158)Slate blue/dark blue color, 18 perforations across1921Sower and rainbow of hope; these are the earliest known stamps that depict a rainbow
Poland154_var (Mi158_var)Slate blue/dark blue color, 20 preforations across
Poland155 (Mi159)19 perforations across
Poland155_var (Mi159_var)22 perforations across
Poland155A (Mi160)14 perforations across
Poland155A_var (Mi160_var)18 perforations across
PolandMi162like 154 except green-blue color, 18 perforations across1922Sower and rainbow of hope
Poland191 (Mi163)155A redrawn, size 25x21 mm, 18 perforations across
Poland191_var (Mi163_var)155A redrawn, size 25x21 mm, 20 perforations across
Poland191 card (Mi163 card)Telegraph card
Poland196 (Mi186)155A surcharged1923/1924
Poland196a (Mi?)155A double surcharge
Poland196b (Mi?)155A inverted surcharge
Poland197 (Mi188a)154 surcharged (slate blue/dark blue color), 20 perforations across
Poland197_var1 (Mi188a_var1)154 surcharged (slate blue/dark blue color), 21 perforations across
Poland197_var2 (Mi188a_var2)154 surcharged (slate blue/dark blue color), 18 perforations across
Poland197a (Mi?)154 double surcharge
Poland197b (Mi?)154 inverted surcharge
PolandMi188bMi162 surcharged, like 197 except green-blue color
Poland198 (Mi187)191 surcharged, 18 perforations across
Poland198_var1 (Mi187_var1)191_var surcharged, 20 perforations across
Poland198_var2 (Mi187_var2)191 with shifted surcharge
Poland198a (Mi?)191 double surcharge
Poland198b (Mi?)191 inverted surcharge
PolandNone(Multi-color printed) cachet on postal card1996
PolandNone(Multi-color printed) cachet on postal card1999
PolandNone(Multi-color printed) cachet on postal card (different)1999
Poland3892c (Mi?)One of strip of 4 (3292 (a-d)), or three of MS12 (3892e (3x (3892 (a-d)))2008
Poland3892a-d fdcOne of four stamps on FDC
ReunionC36 (Mi?)France C19 overprinted1949Rainbow and rainbow goddess Iris
ReunionC36 dsDeluxe sheet (C36)
RomaniaBL190Imperforate SS11982
Romania4144 (Mi5237)1997Also 26th anniv. Greenpeace
Romania4747+label (Mi5971+label)From MS8 (4747a (8x (4747 + label)), or from MS8 (4747a_var (8x (4747 + label)) with imperforate margins2005Also flood
Romania4747+label fdcStamp and label and (pictorial) cancel and cachet on FDC
RomaniaNonePrinted stamp on postal card2005Rainbow with incorrect order of colors
RomaniaNonePrinted stamp on stamped envelope2005?Also flood (in cachet)
RomaniaNonePrinted stamp on stamped envelope (Posta Romana cachet)2013Also flood (in cachet)
Russia (USSR)2837 (Mi2860)1963
Russia (USSR)4182 (Mi?)1974Rainbow, painting by Ivan Aďvazovski (depicts a faint rainbow, possibly symbolizing hope for the sailors' salvation?, and a shipwreck in a stormy sea)
Russia (USSR)4182 maxiMaxicard
Russia (USSR)4576 (Mi?)1977Landscape with Rainbow, painting by Rubens, 1636
Russia (USSR)None(Multi-oolor printed) cachet on stamped envelope1983
Russia (USSR)B148a label (Mi? label)Label from block of 3 (B148a (B146-B148 + label))1988
Russia (USSR)B148a fdcBlock of 3 with label and cachet on FDC
Russia (USSR)5749+label fdc (Mi5921+label fdc)(Pictorial) cancel on FDC1989
Russia (USSR)5952 (Mi6152)1990
Russia (USSR)6030 (Mi6228)1991
St. Vincent1152 (Mi1167-1191)MS25 (1152 (a-y))1989
San MarinoNone(Multi-color printed) cachet on postal card1998
Spain1570 (Mi?)1969Spectrum of visible light (a rainbow is also an example of such a spectrum)
Sweden1347 (Mi1136)Two of booklet pane of 10 (1346-1350) (Mi1135-1139), also booklet outside (front and back)1981Rainbow, and Heimdall (Norse god who dwelt at the entry to Asgard, where he guarded Bifrost, the rainbow bridge)
Sweden1346-1350 fdc1Two of ten stamps on FDC
Sweden1346-1350 fdc2Two of ten stamps on FDC, also insert
Sweden2396e (Mi2190)One of booklet pane of 6 (2396 (a-f)) (Mi2186-2191), also booklet front2000
Sweden2396a-f fdcOne of six stamps on FDC (2396 (a-f))
Trinidad and Tobago185 (Mi269)1970Also Noah's Ark
Ukraine378 (Mi369)2000Also 50th anniv. World Meteor. Organization (WMO)
United Nations484a fdc (Mi503-506 fdc)(UNICEF) cachet on FDC1986
United StatesNone(Black printed) cachet on postal card1913"Rainbow corn"
United StatesNone(Two text) cancels and cachet (return address) on cover1930Rainbow OR (post office)
United States689 cover (Mi? cover)(Text) cancel and cachet on cover~1930Rainbow Lake NY (post office)
United StatesNone(Purple pictorial) meter on cover~1930s"Rainbow Classics" and depiction of rainbow
United States1486 (Mi1119)1973
United States1486 fdc1Stamp and (Ross silver foil) cachet (design like stamp) on FDC
United States1486 fdc2Stamp on FDC (ArtCraft cachet)
United States1486 fdc3Stamp on FDC (Artopages cachet)
United States1486 fdc4Stamp on FDC (? metallic cachet)
United States1486 fdc5Stamp on FDC (Fleetwood cachet)
United States1486 fdc6Stamp on FDC (Jackson/Overseas Mailer cachet)
United States1486 fdc7Stamp on FDC (Ellis cachet)
United States1486 fdc8Stamp on FDC (Colorano silk cachet)
United States1486 fdc9Stamp on FDC (blank/no cachet)
United StatesSP327(USPS) souvenir page (1486)
United StatesCP21(USPS) commemorative panel (1486)
United States1487 (Mi1120)1973
United States1487 fdc1Stamp on FDC (Fleetwood cachet)
United States1487 fdc2Stamp on FDC (Jackson/Chickering/Overseas Mailer cachet)
United States1487 fdc3Stamp on FDC (ArtCraft cachet, small-font cancel)
United States1487 fdc4Stamp on FDC (ArtCraft cachet, large-font cancel)
United States1487 fdc5Stamp on FDC (Colorano silk cachet)
United States1487 fdc6Stamp on FDC (? metallic cachet)
United States1487 fdc7Stamp on FDC (Virgil Crow cachet)
United States1487 fdc8Stamp on FDC (Artmaster cachet)
United States1487 fdc9Stamp on FDC (Bazaar no.95 cachet)
United StatesSP328(USPS) souvenir page (1487)
United StatesCP22(USPS) commemorative panel (1487)
United StatesUX81Printed stamp on postal card1979
United StatesUX81 fdc1Printed stamp on postal card FDC (Artmaster cachet)
United StatesUX81 fdc2Printed stamp on postal card FDC (blank/no cachet)
United StatesNone(PCS) cachet (including 1487) on cover1980
United States2396 (Mi?)Any of three perforated and imperforate varieties from booklet pane of 6 (2396a (3x (2395-2396))) with gutter between1988
United States2396 fdc(Three) stamp(s) and (GillCraft) cachet on FDC
United StatesBK165Front of booklet of 12 (3x (2395-2398))
United StatesSP838(USPS) souvenir page (2396a)
United StatesCP321(USPS) commemorative panel (2395-2398)
United StatesUX158Printed stamp on postal card1991
United StatesUX158 fdc1Printed stamp on postal card (ArtCraft/PCS cachet)
United StatesUX158 fdc2Printed stamp and (Ranto/postal bulletin) cachet on postal card, also back
United StatesUX158 fdc3Printed stamp on postal card (Fleetwood cachet), also back
United StatesUX158 fdc4Printed stamp on postal card (Collins hand-painted cachet)
United StatesUX158 fdc5Printed stamp on postal card (blank/no cachet)
United States3257 fdc (Mi3061 fdc)(CW Ray hand-painted) cachet on FDC1998
United StatesNone(PCS) cachet (including 1486) on cover2002
United States3905 (Mi?)2005
United States3905 fdc1Stamp and (pictorial) cancel and (?) cachet on FDC
United States3905 fdc2Stamp and (pictorial) cancel and (C-Cubed) cachet on FDC
United States3905 fdc3Stamp and (Collins hand-painted) cachet on FDC
United StatesSP1562(USPS) souvenir page (3905)
United StatesCP732(USPS) commemorative panel (3905)
United StatesNone(Pictorial) cancel on cover2005
United States4066 (Mi4111)
One of MS40 (4072a (4033-4072)), also back2006
United States4066 fdc1Stamp on FDC (PCS cachet)
United States4066 fdc2Stamp on FDC (Mystic Stamp Co. cachet), also back
United States4066 fdc3Stamp and (PCS golden-replica) cachet on FDC, also insert
United States4066 fdc4Stamp on FDC (Fleetwood cachet), also back
United StatesSP1611(USPS) souvenir page (4033-4072), also back
United StatesCP763 page1(USPS) commemorative panel (4033-4072), also page2
United States4764 fdc (Mi? fdc)(DWc) cachet on FDC2013
United States5080m (Mi5271)One of MS16 (5080 (a-p + label) (Mi5259-5274)2016
United States5080m fdc1Stamp on FDC (blank/no cachet)
United States5080m fdc2Stamp on FDC (multi-color printed cachet)
United StatesSP2018(USPS) souvenir page (5080)
United StatesCP969 page1(USPS) commemorative panel (5080), also page2
United States5298c (Mi5500)One of MS20 (5298 (a-t)) (Mi5498-5517)2018Double rainbow
United States5298c maxiMaxicard
United States5298c cover (Mi5500 cover)Stamp on cover (Coverscape cachet)2019Double rainbow
Vatican City548 (Mi633)1974
Vatican City548-549 fdc1One of two stamps and cachet on FDC
Vatican City548-549 fdc2One of two stamps on FDC

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