Ozone (O3)
monitoring satellites
(and instruments)


Below is a list of Ozone (O3) monitoring satellites, including launch dates and links to information on the satellites. If readers know of additional information, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

See also the ozone and ozone-related events page.

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Ozone-monitoring satellites
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Ozone-monitoring instruments
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Future satellites with ozone equipment

Chronological summary of ozone-monitoring satellites (or Space Shuttle missions)

Launch DateSatellite (or Space Shuttle Mission)Instrument Acronym(s) or Name(s)
Ozone-monitoring satellites (or Space Shuttle missions)
1960-08-12Echo-1Ground-based analysis of sunlight reflected by the balloon (passive method, inaccurate results; solar occultation; sunlight from limb was reflected to ground from the balloon)
1962-07-18SAMOS-9UV radiometer (first experiment with active sensor; solar occultation limb scanning)
1964-03-27Ariel-2Broadband filter photometer, simple prism spectrometer (solar occultation limb scanning)
1964-09-13Kosmos-45 (experimental weather satellite)BUV radiometer (first known BUV (backscatter UV) instrument; downward looking)
1965-01-21OV1-1BUV radiometer (downward looking, 30░ left of nadir)
1965-04-17Kosmos-65 (experimental weather satellite)BUV radiometer
1965-10-16Kosmos-92 (experimental weather satellite)BUV radiometer
1966-06-25Kosmos-122 (pre-Meteor weather satellite)BUV radiometer
1966-12-11OV1-10BUV spectrophotometer
1967-07-28OGO-4Ebert-Fastie scanning spectrometer
1968-12-07OAO-2UV telescope/spectrophotometer (starlight occultation limb scanning)
1970-04-08Nimbus-4BUV spectrometer, IRIS
1972-08-21OAO-3UV telescope/spectrometer (starlight occultation limb scanning)
1975-06-12Nimbus-6LRIR (limb scanning)
1975-11-20Explorer-55 (AE-5 or AE-E)BUV (solar occultation limb scanning rather than downward-looking)
1976-09-11DMSP-5D1-F1SSH (multichannel filter radiometer)
1977-06-04DMSP-5D1-F2SSH (multichannel filter radiometer)
1978-05-01DMSP-5D1-F3SSH (multichannel filter radiometer)
1978-10-24Nimbus-7 (longest-lasting mission; data 1978-1993)LIMS (limb scanner (an update of the LRIR)), TOMS-1, SBUV
1979-02-18Explorer-60 (AEM-B)SAGE-1
1979-06-06DMSP-5D1-F4SSH (multichannel filter radiometer)
1979-06-27NOAA-6HIRS/2 (atmospheric sounder with 9.7 Ám ozone channel)
1980-07-14DMSP-5D1-F5 [launch failed]SSH (multichannel filter radiometer)
1981-10-06Explorer-64 / SMEUV ozone experiment, Four-Channel Infrared Radiometer, Airglow Instrument
1984-10-05ERBS (launched with STS-17 (41G))SAGE-2
1984-12-12NOAA-9SBUV/2 (based on the SBUV/TOMS-1 flown on Nimbus-7), HIRS/2
1988-09-24NOAA-11SBUV/2, HIRS/2
1989-10-18STS-34SSBUV-1 (GAS canister)
1990-10-06STS-41SSBUV-2 (GAS canister)
1991-08-02STS-43SSBUV-3 (GAS canister)
1991-08-15Meteor-3-5 (Meteor-TOMS)TOMS-2
1991-09-12UARS (launched with STS-48)CLAES, ISAMS, HALOE, SUSIM, MLS, SOLSTICE
1992-03-24STS-45SSBUV-4 (GAS canister, ATLAS-1 payload)
1993-04-08STS-56SSBUV-5 (GAS canister, ATLAS-2 payload)
1993-08-09NOAA-13SBUV/2, HIRS/2
1993-09-26SPOT-3POAM-2 (solar occultation limb scanning)
1994-04-03STS-62SSBUV-6 (GAS canister)
1994-11-03STS-66SSBUV-7 (GAS canister, ATLAS-3 payload)
1994-12-30NOAA-14SBUV/2, HIRS/2
1995-04-20ERS-2GOME-1 (BUV technique)
1995-03-28TechSat-1a microsatellite [failed]OM-2 UV radiometer (SBUV technique)
1995-08-31FASat-Alfa microsatellite [failed to separate from Sich-1]OLME
1996-01-11STS-72SSBUV-8 (GAS canister)
1996-08-17ADEOS-1TOMS(-4?), ILAS-1
1997-11-13STS-87SOLSE-1 (HH payload), LORE-1
1998-03-24SPOT-4POAM-3 (solar occultation limb scanning)
1998-07-10FASat-Bravo microsatelliteOLME
1999Meteor-3M-2 (this Meteor-3M-1 followup was canceled in 1999)SAGE-3?
1998-07-10TechSat-1b / OSCAR-32 microsatelliteOM-2 UV radiometer (SBUV technique)
2000-09-21NOAA-16SBUV/2, HIRS/3
2001-02-20OdinOSIRIS, SMR
2001-09-21QuikTOMS [launch failed]TOMS-5
2002-03-01EnvisatGOMOS (starlight occultation limb scanning)
2002-06-24NOAA-17SBUV/2, HIRS/3
2003-01-16STS-107 [lost on re-entry]SOLSE-2 (HH payload), LORE-2 (Limb-viewing spectrometers)
2004-07-15EOS-Aura (formerly EOS-Chem)OMI, HIRDLS, TES, MLS (OMI-SBUV technique; data similar to earlier TOMS data, but higher horizontal resolution; HIRDLS and MLS-limb scanners; TES-limb and nadir scanner)
2005-05-20NOAA-18SBUV/2, HIRS/4
2006-10-19MetOp-AGOME-2, HIRS/4
2008-05-27FY-3ATOM or TOU, and SBUS
2009-02-06GOSAT-1 (formerly GCOM-A1)TANSO-FTS (similar to SciSat's ACE-FTS) (ODUS-Ozone Dynamics UV Spectrometer (a SBUV instrument) was planned but not used)
2009-02-06NOAA-19SBUV/2, HIRS/4
2009-09-16Meteor-M1 (or Meteor-M) (replacement for Meteor-3M)MTVZA imager/sounder; IRFS-1
2010-11-04FY-3BTOM or TOU, and SBUS
2011-10-28S-NPP / JPSS series (formerly NPOESS series)OMPS (nadir-viewing UV sensor and limb-viewing UV/visible sensor)
2012-09-17MetOp-BGOME-2, HIRS/4
2013-09-23FY-3CTOM or TOU, and SBUS
2014-07-08Meteor-M2MTVZA imager/sounder; IRFS-2 advanced IR sounder
2015-02-11DSCOVR (formerly Triana, or "GoreSat")EPIC
2018-11-07MetOp-CGOME-2, HIRS/4
Future satellites with ozone equipment
202?CX-1 (USA) micro-satellite (University of Colorado)(BUV?) spectrophotometer
2021 — 2030MTG-IIRS
2021 — 2026MTG-SIRS, UVN

Explanation of acronyms for Ozone-monitoring instruments found on satellites or Space Shuttle missions (in the table above)

Instrument AcronymInstrument NameSatellite(s) or Space Shuttle Mission(s)
Ozone-monitoring instruments (on satellites or Space Shuttle missions)
ACE-FTSAtmospheric Chemistry Experiment - Fourier Transform SpectrometerSciSat
ATLASATmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science (payload)STS-45, STS-56, STS-66 (3 missions)
BUVBackscatter UltraViolet spectrometer (and photometer)OV1-1, OV1-10, Kosmos-45, Kosmos-65, Kosmos-92, Kosmos-122, Nimbus-4, Explorer-55
CLAESCryogenic Limb Array Etalon SpectrometerUARS
EPICEarth Polychromatic Imaging CameraDSCOVR
GASGet Away Special (canister)STS-34, STS-41, STS-43, STS-45, STS-56, STS-62, STS-66, STS-72 (8 missions)
GOMEGlobal Ozone Monitoring ExperimentERS-2, MetOp-A, MetOp-B, MetOp-C
GOMOSGlobal Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of StarsEnvisat
HALOEHALogen Occultation ExperimentUARS
HHHitch Hiker (payload)STS-87, STS-107 (2 missions)
HIRDLSHIgh Resolution Dynamics Limb SounderEOS-Aura
HIRS/2High-resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder / 2NOAA-6NOAA-14 (9 satellites)
HIRS/3High-resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder / 3NOAA-15NOAA-18 (4 satellites)
HIRS/4High-resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder / 4NOAA-19, MetOp-A, MetOp-B, MetOp-C
ILAS-1Improved Limb Atmospheric Sounder - 1ADEOS-1
ILAS-2Improved Limb Atmospheric Sounder - 2ADEOS-2
IRFS-1InfraRed (sounder) - 1Meteor-M1
IRFS-2InfraRed (sounder) - 2Meteor-M2
IRISInfraRed Interferometer SpectrometerNimbus-3, Nimbus-4
IRSInfraRed SounderMTG-I, MTG-S
ISAMSImproved Stratospheric and Mesospheric SounderUARS
LIMSLimb Infrared Monitor of the StratosphereNimbus-7
LORELimb Ozone Retrieval ExperimentSTS-87, STS-107 (2 missions)
LRIRLimb Radiance Inversion RadiometerNimbus-4
MLSMicrowave Limb SounderUARS, EOS-Aura
MTVZA?Meteor-M1, Meteor-M2
OLMEOzone Layer Monitoring ExperimentFASat-Alfa, FASat-Bravo
OMOzone MeterTechsat-1a, Techsat-1b/OSCAR-32
OMIOzone Monitoring InstrumentEOS-Aura
OMPSOzone Mapping and Profiler SuiteS-NPP / JPSS series (formerly NPOESS series)
OOAMOrbiting Ozone and Aerosol MeasurementSTEP-4
OSIRISOptical Spectrometer and InfraRed Imaging SystemOdin
POAMPolar Ozone and Aerosol MeasurementSPOT-3, SPOT-4
PREMOSPRecision Monitor for OScillation measurementPicard
SAGEStratospheric Aerosol and Gas ExperimentExplorer-60, ERBS, Meteor-3M-1
SBUSSolar Backscattering Uv SounderFY-3A, FY-3B, FY-3C
SBUVSolar Backscatter UltraViolet radiometerNimbus-7
SBUV/2Solar Backscatter UltraViolet radiometer / 2NOAA-9, NOAA-11, NOAA-13, NOAA-14, NOAA-16, NOAA-17, and NOAA-18, NOAA-19 (8 satellites)
SMRSub-Mm RadiometerOdin
SOLSEShuttle Ozone Limb Sounding ExperimentSTS-87, STS-107 (2 missions)
SOLSTICESOLar STellar (Inter-)Comparison ExperimentUARS, SORCE
SSBUVShuttle Solar Backscatter UltraViolet radiometerSTS-34, STS-41, STS-43, STS-45, STS-56, STS-62, STS-66, STS-72 (8 missions)
SSHSpecial Sensor HDMSP-5D1-F1 — DMSP-5D1 (5 satellites)
SUSIMSolar Ultravioliet Spectral Irradiance MonitorUARS
TANSO - FTSThermal And Near ir Sensor for climate Observation - Fourier Transform interferometer SpectrometerGOSAT-1
TESTropospheric. Emission SpectrometerEOS-Aura
TOMTotal Ozone MapperFY-3A, FY-3B, FY-3C
TOMSTotal Ozone Mapping SpectrometerNimbus-7, Meteor-3-5, TOMS-EP, ADEOS-1, QuikTOMS
TOUTotal Ozone UnitFY-3A, FY-3B, FY-3C
UVUltraViolet (radiometer, or telescope/spectrophotometer, or ozone experiment)SAMOS-9, OAO-2, OAO-3, Explorer-64
UVISIUltraviolet and Visible Imagers and Spectrographic ImagersMSX
UVNUltraviolet Visible and Near-ir sounderMTG-S

Reference: Krueger, A.J., B. Guenther, A.J. Fleig, D.F. Heath, E. Hilsenrath, R. McPeters, C. Prabhakara, 1980: Satellite ozone measurements, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, 296(1418), 191-204. [See or]

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