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Below are checklists of Cometary-exploration spacecraft, including launch dates and images of the satellites. This is a work in progress, and completeness is our goal. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

Note: Cometary-exploration spacecraft (such as Explorer-59 / ISEE-3 / ICE) that are part of larger mostly non-cometary series (in this example ISEE-3 / ICE is part of the long Explorer-series) are listed only as part of that larger series. In other words, in such cases their entries are not repeated in this page.

Satellite series covered:

(Earlier) Japanese Planet-series (cometary) satellites:

SatelliteLaunch DateImages
referencelaunch coversother postal items
MS-T1 — MS-T4
Planet-prototype / Sakigake / MS-T5 (Comet 1P/Halley)1985-01-08 MS-T5
(Earlier) Planet (cometary)(Earlier) Planet (cometary)
Planet-A / Suisei (Comet 1P/Halley)1985-08-18 Planet-A
(Later) Planet-series satellites
(planetary: Planet-B — Planet-C)
(Later) Planet (planetary)(Later) Planet (planetary)

Russian Vega (VEnera GAllei) series satellites:

SatelliteLaunch DateImages
referencelaunch coversother postal items
Vega-11984-12-15 Vega-1
Vega-1/2 type
Vega-1/2 type (Halley flyby configuration)

Other (selected) USA cometary-exploration spacecraft:

SatelliteLaunch DateImages
referencelaunch coversother postal items
CRAF (Cassini-Huygens forerunner)CanceledCRAFCRAF
Deep Space-1 / NMP1998-10-24 Deep Space-1
Deep Space-1 (patch)
Deep SpaceDeep Space
Deep Space-3 / ST-3 / Starlight / NMPCanceled
Deep Space-4 / ST-4 / Champollion / NMPCanceled Deep Space-4 (single-spacecraft concept)
Deep Space-4 (original concept)
Stardust / NExT / Discovery-41999-02-07 Stardust
Stardust (patch)
Stardust (patch)
Contour / Discovery-6 [failed]2002-07-03ContourContour
Deep Impact / EPOXI / Discovery-72005-01-12 Deep Impact
Deep Impact (patch)
Deep ImpactDeep Impact

Other (selected) non-USA cometary-exploration spacecraft:

SatelliteCountryLaunch DateImages
referencelaunch coversother postal items
CNSREurope (ESA)-USA (NASA)CanceledCNSR/RosettaCNSR
GiottoEurope (ESA)1985-07-02 Giotto
Rosetta / PhilaeEurope (ESA)2004-03-02 Rosetta (orbiter)
Rosetta (lander) / Philae
Rosetta (patch)
Comet Interceptor mission (3 spacecraft)Europe (ESA)-Japan (JAXA)2028-?"ESA's Comet Interceptor mission"

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