Telstar-1/2 type (Type-A)

Telstar-series satellite
Common Design Types

Telstar-1/2 type (Type-B)
Telstar-1/2 type
Telstar-1/2 type
(Type-B1, bogus)

Below is a checklist of Telstar-series satellite common design type stamps. There are two common design types used by more than one country, issued for the same event, 11-12 July 1962, as noted below. Both common design types contain images of Telstar Type-B design. For an explanation of Type-A, Type-B, and Type-C designs, see the footnote on the main Telstar page.

Telstar-series satellite Common Design Types
First television transmission between Europe and America
First television relay via satellite

Below are common design type items for the First television transmission between Europe and America.

Telstar (CD111)
CountryAndorra (French Admin.)Andorra French 154
Catalog Number154 (Mi178)
Year of Issue1962
CountryComoro IslandsComoros C7
Catalog NumberC7 (Mi51)
Year of Issue1962
CountryFrench PolynesiaFrench Polynesia C29
Catalog NumberC29 (Mi23)
Year of Issue1962
CountryFrench Southern and Antarctic TerritoriesFSAT C5
Catalog NumberC5 (Mi27)
Year of Issue1962
CountryNew CaledoniaNew Caledonia C33
Catalog NumberC33 (Mi386)
Year of Issue1962
CountrySt. Pierre and MiquelonSt. Pierre C26
Catalog NumberC26 (Mi397)
Year of Issue1962
CountrySomali CoastSomali Coast C31
Catalog NumberC31 (Mi349)
Year of Issue1963
CountryWallis and Futuna IslandsWallis and Futuna C17
Catalog NumberC17 (Mi201)
Year of Issue1962

Below are common design type items for the First television relay via satellite.

Telstar (common design #2)
CountryFranceFrance 1048
Catalog Number1048 (Mi1414)
Year of Issue1962
CountryMaliMali 40
Catalog Number40 (Mi55)
Year of Issue1962
CountryMaliMali 41
Catalog Number41 (Mi56)
Year of Issue1962
CountryReunionReunion 344
Catalog Number344 (Mi424),
France 1048 overprinted
Year of Issue1963

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