Syncom-series satellite
Common Design Types

Below is a checklist of Syncom-series satellite common design type stamps.

All items depict a satellite based on the Syncom publicity photo1 (except with no rocket flame) and are therefore highlighted in yellow in the table below.

DetailsImages (perforated and imperforate)
Syncom (CD120)
CountryComoro Islands
Catalog NumberC14 (Mi67)
Year of Issue1965
CountryFrench Polynesia
Catalog NumberC33 (Mi44)
Year of Issue1965
CountryFrench Southern and Antarctic Territories
Catalog NumberC8 (Mi32)
Year of Issue1965
CountryNew Caledonia
Catalog NumberC40 (Mi412)
Year of Issue1965
CountryNew Hebrides (French)
Catalog Number124 (Mi210)
Year of Issue1965
CountryNew Hebrides (French)
Catalog Number125 (Mi211)
Year of Issue1965
CountrySt. Pierre and Miquelon
Catalog NumberC29 (Mi412)
Year of Issue1965
CountrySomali Coast
Catalog NumberC36 (Mi365)
Year of Issue1965
CountryWallis and Futuna Islands
Catalog NumberC20 (Mi207)
Year of Issue1965

1Many Syncom images are similar to NASA's Syncom publicity photo, which does not look like any of the Syncom reference images provided. This publicity photo was created by Bob Special, a NASA technician at Cape Kennedy. The publicity photo shows a flame coming out of Syncom's apogee motor. This was probably to make the image more dramatic. Some of the stamp reproductions of the publicity photo eliminate the flame, as noted. It must also be pointed out that the real Syncoms had a larger cone-shaped nozzle extending outward from the apogee motor than shown on the publicity photo.

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