Below is a list of SMall EXplorer (SMEX) series satellites, including launch dates and links to information on the satellites. If readers know of additional information, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

Since all SMEX-series satellites have other names as well, launch covers and other postal items for these satellites are found under those other names.

SatelliteLaunch DateOther NameMission or PurposeType/Discipline
SMall EXplorer (SMEX)
SMEX-11992-07-03SAMPEX / Explorer-68energetic particle emissions from the Sun (solar-observing mission)scientific/research/technology
SMEX-21996-08-21FAST / Explorer-70plasma physics of auroral phenomenascientific/research/technology
SMEX-31998-12-06SWAS / Explorer-74chemical composition, energy balance and structure of interstellar clouds (astronomy/telescope mission)scientific/research/technology
SMEX-41998-04-02TRACE / Explorer-73three-dimensional magnetic structures which emerge through the Sun's photosphere (solar-observing mission)scientific/research/technology
SMEX-5 [failed]1999-03-05WIRE / Explorer-75 [failed]survey the celestial sky in the infrared bands (astronomy/telescope mission)scientific/research/technology
SMEX-62002-02-05HESSI / RHESSI / Explorer-81image at high resolution solar flares in X-rays and gamma rays (solar-observing mission)scientific/research/technology
SMEX-72003-04-28GALEX / Explorer-83UV imaging and spectroscopic survey (astronomy/telescope mission)scientific/research/technology
SMEX-8CanceledSPIDRmeasure the amount of hot gas found between galaxiesastronomical/telescope
SMEX-92007-04-25AIM / Explorer-90study of polar mesospheric cloudsscientific/research/technology
SMEX-102008-10-19IBEX / Explorer-91discovering the global interaction between the solar wind and the interstellar medium (solar-observing mission)scientific/research/technology
SMEX-112012-06-13NuSTAR / Explorer-93focusing X-ray telescope in space for energies in the 8-80 keV range (astronomy/telescope mission)scientific/research/technology
SMEX-122013-06-28IRIS / Explorer-94explore the solar chromosphere (solar-observing mission)scientific/research/technology
SMEX-13CanceledGEMSmeasure polarized X-raysastronomical/telescope
SMEX-142021-12-09IXPE / Explorer-97X-ray astronomyastronomical/telescope
SMEX-152025-?PUNCHtrack the solar wind as it leaves the Sun and track coronal mass ejections (solar-observing mission)scientific/research/technology
SMEX-162024-?TRACERSparticles and fields at the Earth's northern magnetic cusp regionscientific/research/technology

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