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Below is a checklist of Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) postal items (stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.). Catalog numbers, years of issue, and notes on the items featured are given when available. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

Items not specifically about (numbered) SCAR biennial meetings are highlighted in yellow in the main table below and are not included in the summary table.

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Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
Summary (by SCAR biennial meeting number)

CountryCatalog NumberType of ItemYear of IssueNotes on Content*
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
ArgentinaNone(Pictorial) cancel on cover1976(14th) SCAR Delegates Meeting
BrazilNone(Pictorial) cancel on cover199021st SCAR Delegates Meeting
British Antarctic Territory182 (Mi183)1991"SCAR"
British Antarctic Territory180-183 fdcOne of four stamps on FDC
British Antarctic Territory235 (Mi245)199624th SCAR
British Antarctic Territory236 (Mi246)
British Antarctic Territory237 (Mi247)
British Antarctic Territory238 (Mi248)
British Antarctic Territory235-238 fdc1Four stamps and (multi-color printed) cachet on FDC
British Antarctic Territory235-238 fdc2Four stamps and (multi-color printed) cachet (different) on FDC
British Antarctic Territory239 (BL3)SS1
British Antarctic Territory239 fdc1SS1 and (multi-color printed) cachet on FDC
British Antarctic Territory239 fdc2SS1 and (multi-color printed) cachet (different) on FDC
ChileNone(Black printed) cachet (return address) on (airmail) cover, also insert1966"SCAR Antarctic Oceanography Symposium"
Chile1246 (Mi1858)199825th SCAR Delegates Meeting
Chile1246-1247 fdcOne of two stamps and (multi-color printed) cachet on FDC
ChileNone(Blue and grey printed) cachet199825th SCAR Delegates Meeting
ChileNone(Purple rubber-stamp) cachet on (airmail) cover1999"SCAR"
China (People's Republic)None(Pictorial) cancel on postal card200227th SCAR
China (People's Republic)None(Pictorial) cancel and (cyan and blue and black printed and blue rubber-stamp) cachets on cover, also back
China (People's Republic)None(Multi-color printed and black rubber-stamp) cachets on cover, also back
Germany (West)None(Blue rubber-stamp) cachet on cover1982(17th) SCAR; also 100th anniv. 1st IPY
Germany (West)None(Blue printed) cachet on cover198418th SCAR Delegates Meeting
GermanyNone(Pictorial) cancel2003"SCAR"
GermanyNone(Pictorial) cancel and (blue rubber-stamp and color printed) cachets on cover200428th SCAR
Russia (USSR)None(Pictorial) cancel and (blue and red and black printed) cachet on cover198217th SCAR Delegates Meeting
RussiaNone(Pictorial) cancel on MS3 (7021 (a-c))200830th SCAR
RussiaNone(Pictorial) cancel on cover200830th SCAR

*SCAR ordinal numbers given in parentheses are not specifically noted on items, but are based on year of issue.

The table below is a Summary (by SCAR biennial meeting number) of the number of countries and postal items issued as listed in the table immediately above. Included are the number of countries issuing SCAR items, as well as the number of SCAR items that were issued. SCAR venues and dates are also provided. This summary is also available in spreadsheet form.

SCAR biennial meetingNumber ofVenueDates
I (1st)00The Hague, Netherlands1958 (February 3 - 5)
II (2nd)00Moscow, Russia (USSR)1958 (August 4 - 11)
III (3rd)00Canberra, Australia1959 (March 2 - 6)
IV (4th)00Cambridge, United Kingdom1960 (August 29 - September 2)
V (5th)00Wellington, New Zealand1961 (October 9 - 14)
VI (6th)00Boulder CO, USA1962 (August 20 - 24)
VII (7th)00Cape Town, South Africa1963 (September 23 - 27)
VIII (8th)00Paris, France1964 (August 24 - 28)
IX (9th)00Santiago, Chile1966 (September 20 - 24)
X (10th)00Tokyo, Japan1968 (June 10 - 15)
XI (11th)00Oslo, Norway1970 (August 17 - 22)
XII (12th)00Canberra, Australia1972 (August 14 - 19)
XIII (13th)00Jackson Hole WY, USA1974 (September 3 - 7)
XIV (14th)11Mendoza, Argentina1976 (October 18 - 23)
XV (15th)00Chamonix, France1978 (May 16 - 26)
XVI (16th)00Queenstown, New Zealand1980 (October 14 - 24)
XVII (17th)22Leningrad, Russia (USSR)1982 (July 5 - 9)
XVIII (18th)11Bremerhaven, (West) Germany1984 (October 1 - 5)
XIX (19th)00San Diego CA, USA1986 (June 23 - 27)
XX (20th)00Hobart, Australia1988 (September 12 - 16)
XXI (21st)11São Paulo, Brazil1990 (July 23 - 27)
XXII (22nd)00San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina1992 (June 15 - 19)
XXIII (23rd)00Rome, Italy1994 (September 5 - 9)
XXIV (24th)29Cambridge, United Kingdom1996 (August 12 - 16)
XXV (25th)13Concepción, Chile1998 (July 20 - 31)
XXVI (26th)00Tokyo, Japan2000 (July 17 - 21)
XXVII (27th)111Shanghai, China/PRC2002 (July 15 - 26)
XXVIII (28th)11Bremerhaven, Germany2004 (October 3 - 8)
XXIX (29th)00Hobart, Australia2006 (July 17 - 20)
XXX (30th)12Moscow, Russia2008 (July 14 - 16)
XXXI (31st)00Buenos Aires, Argentina2010 (July 30 - August 11)
XXXII (32nd)00Portland OR, USA2012 (July 13 - 25)
XXXIII (33rd)00Auckland, New Zealand2014 (August 22 - September 3)
XXXIV (34th)00Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2016 (August 19 - 31)
XXXV (35th)00Davos, Switzerland2018 (June 19-23)
XXXVI (36th)00Hobart, Australia2020 (July 31 - August 11)
XXXVII (37th)00Hyderabad, India2022 (August 19 - 28)
9 out of 37 SCAR biennial meetings
8 countries
21 items

1Combined 27th SCAR/14th COMNAP (Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs) meeting.

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