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Below is a list of New Frontiers series spacecraft, including launch dates and links to information on the spacecraft. If readers know of additional information, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

Since all New Frontiers-series spacecraft have other names as well, launch covers and other postal items for these spacecraft are found under those other names.

SpacecraftLaunch DateOther NameMission or DestinationType/Discipline
New Frontiers
New Frontiers-12006-01-19New Horizons (formerly Kuiper Express)Pluto flybyplanetary-exploration
New Frontiers-22011-08-05JUNOJupiter orbiterplanetary-exploration
New Frontiers-32016-09-08OSIRIS-RExBennu asteroid sample-returnasteroid-exploration
New Frontiers-42026-?DragonflyTitan lander and helicopterplanetary-exploration

Links to New Frontiers-series spacecraft information:

(The link below leads to information sources that are maintained by others. They are not part of this Website.)

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