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Below is a list of Medium-class EXplorer (MIDEX) series satellites, including launch dates and links to information on the satellites. If readers know of additional information, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

Since all MIDEX-series satellites have other names as well, launch covers and other postal items for these satellites are found under those other names.

SatelliteLaunch DateOther Name(s)Mission or PurposeType/Discipline
Medium-class EXplorer (MIDEX)
MIDEX-(-2)1995-12-30XTE/ RXTE / Explorer-69X-ray observations (astronomy/telescope mission)scientific/research/technology
MIDEX-(-1)1997-08-25ACE / Explorer-71particle observationsscientific/research/technology
MIDEX-01999-06-23FUSE / Explorer-77ultraviolet space observatory (astronomy/telescope mission)scientific/research/technology
MIDEX-12000-03-25IMAGE / Explorer-78determine the directly driven response of the magnetosphere to solar wind changesscientific/research/technology
MIDEX-22001-06-30WMAP / Explorer-80anisotophy of the microwave background radiation (astronomy/telescope mission)scientific/research/technology
MIDEX-32004-11-20Swift / Explorer-84multiwavelength observatory dedicated to the study of gamma-ray bursts (astronomy/telescope mission)scientific/research/technology
MIDEX-4CanceledFAMEspace astrometry missionastronomical/telescope
MIDEX-5A/5E2007-02-17THEMIS-A/E / Explorer-85/89magnetospheric substorm instabilityscientific/research/technology
MIDEX-62009-12-14WISE / NGSS / Explorer-92 / now NEOWISEall-sky survey (astronomy/telescope mission)scientific/research/technology
MIDEX-72018-04-18TESS / Explorer-95all-sky survey to discover transiting exoplanets (astronomy/telescope mission)scientific/research/technology
MIDEX-82019-10-11ICON / Explorer-96ionosphere explorerscientific/research/technology
MIDEX-92024-?SPHERExmapping of galaxiesastronomical/telescope

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