Kepler (patch)
KeplerKepler (patch)

This page contains philatelic information on the Kepler satellite. Catalog numbers, years of issue, and notes on the satellites featured are given when available. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

The Kepler satellite is also known as Discovery-10, one of the NASA Discovery-series satellites.

See also Johannes Kepler (1571 - 1630) in the Contributors to Meteorology pages, whose name was used for the Kepler satellite.

Launch information
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Launch covers
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Other postal items
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Kepler Kepler Kepler

Below is a list of Kepler satellite postal items (stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.).

CountryCatalog NumberType of ItemYear of IssueNotes on Content
Central African RepublicMi7363One of MS4 (Mi7360-7363)2017"Kepler"
Comoro Islands795b (BL378)
In (upper-left) margin of SS1 (795)
In (upper-left) margin of imperforate SS1 (i795)
1992"Orbiting planetary telescope" (Kepler, early-design1)
Czech RepublicNoneCachet on postal card2009Also Johannes Kepler
FranceNone(Aérospatiale) cachet on cover1990Kepler (in center of cachet)
Germany2529 envelope (Mi2732 envelope)(?) cachet on stamped envelope2009Also Johannes Kepler
GermanyNone(Pictorial) cancel2009Also Johannes Kepler
Guinea Republic2232c (Mi4059A)
i2232c (Mi4059B)
One of MS8 (2232 (a-h)) (Mi4057A-4064A)
One of imperforate MS8 (i2232 (a-h)) (Mi4057B-4064B)
Guinea Republic2232 fdcMS8 on FDC
Guinea RepublicBL1706In (upper) margin of SS12009
Guinea RepublicMi7641A-7646A_ms6 fdc
Mi7641B-7646B_ms6 fdc
Cachet on MS6 FDC
Cachet on imperforate MS6 FDC
2010Also Johannes Kepler
MaliUnknown ms fdc (Mi? fdc)Cachet on FDC [known illegal issue]2010
MaliUnknown ms (Mi?)
Unknown ims
In (left) margin of MS4 (a-d) [known illegal issue]
In (left) margin of imperforate imperforate MS4 (a-d)
2017"Kepler"; also Johannes Kepler (on stamp 'a')
MoldovaNonePersonalized postage2014
United StatesNone( personalized postage2009"Kepler"
United StatesNone( personalized postage2014"Kepler"; also Johannes Kepler

1An early design, from before Kepler was built and launched.

Below is a list of Kepler satellite launch covers (including anniversary-of-launch covers, and launch-related event covers).

CountryCancel DateCancel LocationType of ItemNotes on Content
2009-03-07: Kepler
United States2009-03-06Pasadena CA(Printed) cachet on coverKepler launch
United States2009-03-06Kennedy Space Center FL(Printed) cachet on coverKepler launch
United States2009-03-06Cape Canaveral FL(Mission 57) cachet on cover, also backKepler launch
United States2009-03-06Cape Canaveral FL(Printed) cachet on coverKepler launch
United States2009-03-06Pasadena CA(JPL Stamp Club) cachet on coverKepler launch
Kepler (events)
United States2011-09-15Kennedy Space Center FL(RES&C) cachet on cover"Kepler Space Telescope discovers first planet orbiting two stars"; also Johannes Kepler

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