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This page contains philatelic information on the Kwangmyongsong (KMS) series satellites. Catalog numbers, years of issue, and notes on the satellites featured are given when available. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

KMS-1, DFH-1, and SJ-1 have similar designs. This intercomparison image will help in differentiating among them (and also includes Telstar, which appears to be the ultimate source of their designs). Furthermore, this brief discussion presents some of their characteristics and differences.

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Launch covers
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Other postal items
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Kwangmyongsong (KMS)
(North Korea)
Kwangmyongsong (KMS)
(North Korea)
Kwangmyongsong (KMS)
(North Korea)

Below is a list of Kwangmyongsong (KMS) series postal items (stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.).

CountryCatalog NumberType of ItemYear of IssueNotes on Content
Kwangmyongsong (KMS) (North Korea)
Korea (North)3765 (Mi4066)

1998"Kwangmyongsong-1" (with booster attached)
Korea (North)3766 (BL402)
Imperforate SS1
Korea (North)3766 proofImperforate SS1 proof
Korea (North)3888 (BL430)
In (upper-left) margin of SS1
In (upper-left) margin of imperforate SS1
1999KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)3903 (Mi4206)

1999KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)3905 (Mi4208)

1999KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)4037 (Mi4344)

2000KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)4038 (Mi4345)

KMS-1 (with booster attached) (in upper left)
Korea (North)4125 (Mi4431)2001KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)4125 specimen4125 overprinted "specimen"
Korea (North)4172c (Mi4503)One of MS4 (4172 (a-d)) (BL505, Mi4501-4504), or two of booklet pane of 5 (4172e (4172 (a-c+2x d))) with booklet outside (front and back)2001KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)4172c maxiMaxicard
Korea (North)4172a-d proofOne of deluxe proof of 4 (4172a-d)
Korea (North)4350c (Mi4729-4730)In (upper-left) margin of booklet pane of 2 (4350 (a-b)), also booklet front and booklet front (4350d), 4350c booklet front overprinted for Hong Kong 2004 Exposition2004KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)4373 (BL584)In (upper-left) margin of SS1, and on booklet front (4375e (4374-4375))2004KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)4445 (BL626)In (upper-right) margin of SS12005KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)4490 (BL654)In (upper-right) margin of SS12006KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)4845a (Mi5446)In (upper-left) margin of MS6 (6x 4845)2009KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)4855 (BL724)SS12009"Kwangmyongsong-2" launch
Korea (North)4855 proofImperforate MS2 proof of 4855 stamp
Korea (North)4866b (Mi5470)One of MS2 (4866 (a-b + 2 labels)) (BL726), or one of booklet pane of 6 (4868d (4866a-b - 4868a-b)), or entire booklet (Mi5469-5474_MH)2009KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)4866b proofImperforate proof MS2 (2x 4866)
Korea (North)4868 (BL728)On stamp 'a' and label1 and in (lower) margin of MS2 (4868 (a-b + 2 labels))
Korea (North)4868a envelopePrinted stamp on stamped envelope (with printed perforations?)
Korea (North)4868c (BL729)In (upper-right) margin of SS1 (4868a)
Korea (North)4868e proofImperforate proof MS6
Korea (North)4888a (Mi5533)One of MS9 (4888 (a-i)) (Mi5533-5541)2009"Satellite KMS-2" and "KMS-2 successfully entered its orbit on 5 April 2009" (in Korean text, but launch failed); also a KMS-2/3 propaganda-design; also in the background at the right is a tiny KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)4900 (Mi5559-5565)On label2 of MS7 (4900 (a-g + 2 labels))2010KMS-1 (with booster attached) (at upper-center); also KMS-2/3 propaganda-design (at upper-right)
Korea (North)4916b (Mi5584)2010KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)4916 (BL765)MS2 (a-b + 2 labels) (Mi5583-5584)
Korea (North)4921 (BL757)In (upper-left) margin of MS3 (4921 (a-c + 3 labels))2010KMS-1 (with booster attached)
Korea (North)5059 (Mi5835)
Two of MS8 (2x (5058-5061)) (Mi5834-5837)
Two of imperforate MS8 (2x (i5058-i5061))
2011KMS-1 (with booster attached); also KMS-2/3 propaganda-design (in the upper-right margin of 5059 MS4)
Korea (North)i5058-i5061_ms4 proofImperforate proof MS4
Korea (North)5058-5061 fdc
i5058-i5061 fdc
One of four stamps on FDC
One of four imperforate stamps on FDC
Korea (North)5059_ms4
MS4 (4x 5059)
Imperforate MS4 (4x i5059)
Korea (North)5061a
Booklet pane of 4 (5058-5061), also booklet outside (front and back)
Imperforate booklet pane of 4
Korea (North)5147 (BL857)
Imperforate SS1
2012"Kwangmyongsong-3-2" launch by "Unha-3" rocket; also a KMS-2/3 propaganda-design (in right margin); also KMS-1 (with booster attached) (in upper-right margin)
Korea (North)Mi61752015KMS-2/3 propaganda design
Korea (North)Mi62002015KMS-2/3 propaganda design
Korea (North)LabelOne of two labels from MS5 (Mi2222+Mi4888-4889+Mi6153-6154), or three of six labels from MS15 (3x (Mi2222+Mi4888-4889+Mi6153-6154))2015KMS-2/3 propaganda design (head-on view); also "Unha-3" launch rocket (in Korean text)
Korea (North)Unknown ss (BL907)SS12016"Kwangmyongsong-4" launch
Korea (North)Unknown ss (BL908)SS1 (different)"Kwangmyongsong-4" (in right margin); also a KMS-2/3 propaganda-design, and KMS-1 (with booster attached) (both on stamp)
SpainNone(Multi-color printed) cachet on (un-canceled) (Spanish Post) stamped envelope (from 2011)2013"Kwangmyongsong-3" (with folded solar panels)

Below is a list of Kwangmyongsong (KMS) series launch covers (including anniversary-of-launch covers, and launch-related event covers).

CountryCancel DateCancel LocationType of ItemNotes on Content
Kwangmyongsong (KMS) (North Korea)
No launch cover images available yet

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